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49 CFR Ch. I (10–1–18 Edition) 

§ 172.506 

contains 454 kg (1,001 pounds) or more 
gross weight of non-fissile, fissile-ex-
cepted, or fissile uranium hexafluoride 
must be placarded with a CORROSIVE 
placard and a POISON placard on each 
side and each end. 

(c) Each transport vehicle, portable 

tank, freight container or unit load de-
vice that contains a material which 
has a subsidiary hazard of being dan-
gerous when wet, as defined in § 173.124 
of this subchapter, shall be placarded 
ards, on each side and each end, in ad-
dition to the placards required by 
§ 172.504. 

(d) Hazardous materials that possess 

secondary hazards may exhibit sub-
sidiary placards that correspond to the 
placards described in this part, even 
when not required by this part (see also 
§ 172.519(b) (4) of this subpart). 

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§ 172.506

Providing and affixing plac-

ards: Highway. 

(a) Each person offering a motor car-

rier a hazardous material for transpor-
tation by highway shall provide to the 
motor carrier the required placards for 
the material being offered prior to or 
at the same time the material is of-
fered for transportation, unless the 
carrier’s motor vehicle is already plac-
arded for the material as required by 
this subpart. 

(1) No motor carrier may transport a 

hazardous material in a motor vehicle, 
unless the placards required for the 
hazardous material are affixed thereto 
as required by this subpart. 

(2) [Reserved] 
(b) [Reserved] 

[Amdt. 172–29, 41 FR 15996, Apr. 15, 1976, as 
amended by Amdt. 172–29A, 41 FR 40679, Sept. 
20, 1976] 

§ 172.507

Special placarding provi-

sions: Highway. 

(a) Each motor vehicle used to trans-

port a package of highway route con-
trolled quantity Class 7 (radioactive) 
materials (see § 173.403 of this sub-

chapter) must have the required RA-
DIOACTIVE warning placard placed on 
a square background as described in 
§ 172.527. 

(b) A nurse tank, meeting the provi-

sions of § 173.315(m) of this subchapter, 
is not required to be placarded on an 
end containing valves, fittings, regu-
lators or gauges when those appur-
tenances prevent the markings and 
placard from being properly placed and 

[Amdt. 172–103, 51 FR 5971, Feb. 18, 1986, as 
amended by Amdt. 172–143, 60 FR 50305, Sept. 
28, 1995] 

§ 172.508

Placarding and affixing plac-

ards: Rail. 

(a) Each person offering a hazardous 

material for transportation by rail 
shall affix to the rail car containing 
the material, the placards specified by 
this subpart. Placards displayed on 
motor vehicles, transport containers, 
or portable tanks may be used to sat-
isfy this requirement, if the placards 
otherwise conform to the provisions of 
this subpart. 

(b) No rail carrier may accept a rail 

car containing a hazardous material 
for transportation unless the placards 
for the hazardous material are affixed 
thereto as required by this subpart. 

[Amdt. 172–29, 41 FR 15996, Apr. 15, 1976, as 
amended by Amdt. 172–123, 55 FR 52601, Dec. 
21, 1990] 

§ 172.510

Special placarding provi-

sions: Rail. 


White square background. 

The fol-

lowing must have the specified plac-
ards placed on a white square back-
ground, as described in § 172.527: 

(1) Division 1.1 and 1.2 (explosive) ma-

terials which require EXPLOSIVES 1.1 
or EXPLOSIVES 1.2 placards affixed to 
the rail car; 

(2) Materials classed in Division 2.3 

Hazard Zone A or 6.1 Packing Group I 
Hazard Zone A which require POISON 
GAS or POISON placards affixed to the 
rail car, including tank cars containing 
only a residue of the material; and 

(3) Class DOT 113 tank cars used to 

transport a Division 2.1 (flammable 
gas) material, including tank cars con-
taining only a residue of the material. 

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