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49 CFR Ch. I (10–1–18 Edition) 

§ 172.326 

[Amdt. 172–125, 58 FR 3348, Jan. 8, 1993, as amended by Amdt. 172–139, 59 FR 67487, Dec. 29, 1994] 

§ 172.326

Portable tanks. 


Shipping name. 

No person may 

offer for transportation or transport a 
portable tank containing a hazardous 
material unless it is legibly marked on 
two opposing sides with the proper 
shipping name specified for the mate-
rial in the § 172.101 table. For transpor-
tation by vessel, the minimum height 
for a proper shipping name marked on 
a portable tank is 65 mm (2.5 inches); 
except that portable tanks with a ca-
pacity of less than 3,000 L (792.52 gal-
lons) may reduce the marking size to 
not less than 12 mm (0.47 inches). 


Owner’s name. 

The name of the 

owner or of the lessee, if applicable, 

must be displayed on a portable tank 
that contains a hazardous material. 


Identification numbers. 

(1) If the 

identification number markings re-
quired by § 172.302(a) are not visible, a 
transport vehicle or freight container 
used to transport a portable tank con-
taining a hazardous material must be 
marked on each side and each end as 
required by § 172.332 with the identifica-
tion number specified for the material 
in the § 172.101 table. 

(2) Each person who offers a portable 

tank containing a hazardous material 
to a motor carrier, for transportation 
in a transport vehicle or freight con-
tainer, shall provide the motor carrier 

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