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14 CFR Ch. II (1–1–19 Edition) 

§ 375.70 

the Act as well, which entails a crimi-
nal penalty as set forth in section 902 
of the Act. 

Subpart H—Special Authorization 

§ 375.70

Special authorization. 

Any person desiring to navigate a 

foreign civil aircraft within the United 
States other than as specifically pro-
vided in this part may petition the De-
partment for a special authorization to 
conduct the particular flight or series 

of flights. Such authorization may be 
issued only if the Department finds 
that the proposed operation is fully 
consistent with the applicable law, 
that the applicant’s homeland grants a 
similar privilege with respect to opera-
tors of U.S.-registered aircraft, and 
that the proposed operation is in the 
interest of the public of the United 

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