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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–19 Edition) 

§ 193.13 


Proposed designation. 


issuing a designation under this sec-
tion, based either on your application 
or the FAA’s own initiative, the FAA 
publishes a proposed designation in the 




and requests com-




The FAA designates 

information as protected under this 
part if, after review of the comments, 
the FAA makes the findings in § 193.7. 
The FAA publishes in the F





an order designating the in-

formation provided under the program 
as protected under this part. The des-
ignation includes the following: 

(1) A summary of why the FAA finds 

that you and others, if applicable, will 
provide the information voluntarily. 

(2) A description of the type of infor-

mation that you and others, if applica-
ble, may voluntarily provide under the 
program and a summary of why the 
FAA finds that the information is safe-
ty or security related. 

(3) A summary of why the FAA finds 

that the disclosure of the information 
would inhibit you and others, if appli-
cable, from voluntarily providing of 
that type of information. 

(4) A summary of why the receipt of 

that type of information aids in ful-
filling the FAA’s safety and security 

(5) A summary of why withholding 

such information from disclosure 
would be consistent with the FAA’s 
safety and security responsibilities, in-
cluding a statement as to the cir-
cumstances under which, and a sum-
mary of why, withholding such infor-
mation from disclosure would not be 
consistent with the FAA’s safety and 
security responsibilities, as described 
in § 193.9. 

(6) A summary of how the FAA will 

distinguish information protected 
under this part from information the 
FAA receives from other sources. 

(7) A summary of the significant 

comments received and the FAA’s re-


Amendment of designation. 


FAA may amend a designation using 
the procedures in paragraphs (a), (b), 
and (c) of this section. 


Withdrawal of designation. 


FAA may withdraw a designation 
under this section at any time the FAA 

finds that continuation of the designa-
tion does not meet the elements of 
§ 193.7, or if the requirements of the 
designation are not met. The FAA 
withdraws the designation by pub-
lishing a notice in the F






. The withdrawal is effective on 

the date of publication or such later 
date as the notice may state. Informa-
tion provided during the time the pro-
gram was designated remains protected 
under this part and the program. Infor-
mation provided after the withdrawal 
of the designation is effective is not 
protected under this part or the pro-

[66 FR 33805, June 25, 2001, as amended at 72 
FR 68475, Dec. 5, 2007] 

§ 193.13

What is the no-notice proce-


This section states the no-notice pro-

cedure for the FAA to designate infor-
mation as protected under this part. 
This procedure is used when there is an 
immediate safety or security need for 
the information. This procedure gen-
erally is used for specific information 
that you will provide on a short-term 



You may request that 

the FAA designate information you are 
offering as protected under this part. 
You must state your name, at least the 
general nature of information, and 
whether you will provide the informa-
tion without the protection of this 
part. Your request may be verbal or 



The FAA issues a 

written order designating information 
provided under this section as pro-
tected under this part. The FAA des-
ignates the information as protected 
under this part if the FAA— 

(1) Makes the findings as § 193.7; and 
(2) Finds that there is an immediate 

safety or security need to obtain the 
information without carrying out the 
procedures in § 193.11 of this part. 


Time limit. 

Except as provided in 

paragraphs (c)(1) and (c)(2) of this sec-
tion, no designation under this section 
continues in effect for more than 60 
days after the date of designation. In-
formation provided during the time the 
designation was in effect remains pro-
tected under this part. Information 
provided that the designation ceases to 

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