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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

§ 183.61 

(12) The procedures for appointing 

ODA Unit members and the means of 
documenting Unit membership, as re-
quired under § 183.61(a)(4) of this part; 

(13) The procedures for performing 

the activities required by § 183.63 or 
§ 183.65 of this part; 

(14) The procedures for revising the 

manual, pursuant to the limitations of 
paragraph (b) of this section; and 

(15) Any other information required 

by the Administrator necessary to su-
pervise the ODA Holder in the perform-
ance of its authorized functions. 

§ 183.55


(a) If any change occurs that may af-

fect an ODA Unit’s qualifications or 
ability to perform a function (such as a 
change in the location of facilities, re-
sources, personnel or the organiza-
tional structure), no Unit member may 
perform that function until the Admin-
istrator is notified of the change, and 
the change is approved and appro-
priately documented as required by the 
procedures manual. 

(b) No ODA Unit member may issue a 

certificate, authorization, or other ap-
proval until any findings reserved for 
the Administrator have been made. 

(c) An ODA Holder is subject to any 

other limitations as specified by the 

§ 183.57

Responsibilities of an ODA 


The ODA Holder must— 
(a) Comply with the procedures con-

tained in its approved procedures man-

(b) Give ODA Unit members suffi-

cient authority to perform the author-
ized functions; 

(c) Ensure that no conflicting non- 

ODA Unit duties or other interference 
affects the performance of authorized 
functions by ODA Unit members. 

(d) Cooperate with the Administrator 

in his performance of oversight of the 
ODA Holder and the ODA Unit. 

(e) Notify the Administrator of any 

change that could affect the ODA Hold-
er’s ability to continue to meet the re-
quirements of this part within 48 hours 
of the change occurring. 

§ 183.59


The Administrator, at any time and 

for any reason, may inspect an ODA 
Holder’s or applicant’s facilities, prod-
ucts, components, parts, appliances, 
procedures, operations, and records as-
sociated with the authorized or re-
quested functions. 

§ 183.61

Records and reports. 

(a) Each ODA Holder must ensure 

that the following records are main-
tained for the duration of the author-

(1) [Reserved] 
(2) For any approval or certificate 

issued by an ODA Unit member (except 
those airworthiness certificates and ap-
provals not issued in support of type 
design approval projects): 

(i) The application and data required 

to be submitted under this chapter to 
obtain the certificate or approval; and 

(ii) The data and records docu-

menting the ODA Unit member’s ap-
proval or determination of compliance. 

(3) A list of the products, compo-

nents, parts, or appliances for which 
ODA Unit members have issued a cer-
tificate or approval. 

(4) The names, responsibilities, quali-

fications and example signature of 
each member of the ODA Unit who per-
forms an authorized function. 

(5) A copy of each manual approved 

or accepted by the ODA Unit, including 
all historical changes. 

(6) Training records for ODA Unit 

members and ODA administrators. 

(7) Any other records specified in the 

ODA Holder’s procedures manual. 

(8) The procedures manual required 

under § 183.53 of this part, including all 

(b) Each ODA Holder must ensure 

that the following are maintained for 
five years: 

(1) A record of each periodic audit 

and any corrective actions resulting 
from them; and 

(2) A record of any reported service 

difficulties associated with approvals 
or certificates issued by an ODA Unit 

(c) For airworthiness certificates and 

approvals not issued in support of a 
type design approval project, each ODA 
Holder must ensure the following are 
maintained for two years; 

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