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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–19 Edition) 

§ 158.25 

(iii) Filing a notice of intent to im-

pose and/or use a PFC under § 158.30; 

(iv) Filing a request to amend a pre-

viously approved PFC as discussed in 
§ 158.37(b)(1). 

(2) The notice must allow the public 

to file comments for at least 30 days, 
but no more than 45 days, after the 
date of publication of the notice or 
posting on the public agency’s Web 
site, as applicable. 


Notice contents. 

The notice re-

quired by § 158.24(a) must include: 

(i) A description of the project(s) the 

public agency is considering for fund-
ing by PFC’s; 

(ii) A brief justification for each 

project the public agency is consid-
ering for funding by PFC’s; 

(iii) The PFC level for each project; 
(iv) The estimated total PFC revenue 

the public agency will use for each 

(v) The proposed charge effective 

date for the application or notice of in-

(vi) The estimated charge expiration 

date for the application or notice of in-

(vii) The estimated total PFC rev-

enue the public agency will collect for 
the application or notice of intent; and 

(viii) The name of and contact infor-

mation for the person within the public 
agency to whom comments should be 

(2) The public agency must make 

available a more detailed project jus-
tification or the justification docu-
ments to the public upon request. 


Distribution of notice. 

The public 

agency must make the notice available 
to the public and interested agencies 
through one or more of the following 

(1) Publication in local newspapers of 

general circulation; 

(2) Publication in other local media; 
(3) Posting the notice on the public 

agency’s Internet Web site; or 

(4) Any other method acceptable to 

the Administrator. 

[Doc. No. FAA–2004–17999, 70 FR 14934, Mar. 
23, 2005] 

§ 158.25




This section specifies the 

information the public agency must 

file when applying for authority to im-
pose a PFC and for authority to use 
PFC revenue on a project. A public 
agency may apply for such authority 
at any commercial service airport it 
controls. The public agency must use 
the proposed PFC to finance airport-re-
lated projects at that airport or at any 
existing or proposed airport that the 
public agency controls. A public agen-
cy may apply for authority to impose a 
PFC before or concurrent with an ap-
plication to use PFC revenue. If a pub-
lic agency chooses to apply, it must do 
so by using FAA Form 5500–1, PFC Ap-
plication (latest edition) and all appli-
cable Attachments. The public agency 
must provide the information required 
under paragraphs (b) or (c), or both, of 
this section. 


Application for authority to impose 

a PFC. 

This paragraph sets forth the 

information to be submitted by all pub-
lic agencies seeking authority to im-
pose a PFC. A separate application 
shall be submitted for each airport at 
which a PFC is to be imposed. The ap-
plication shall be signed by an author-
ized official of the public agency, and, 
unless otherwise authorized by the Ad-
ministrator, must include the fol-

(1) The name and address of the pub-

lic agency. 

(2) The name and telephone number 

of the official submitting the applica-
tion on behalf of the public agency. 

(3) The official name of the airport at 

which the PFC is to be imposed. 

(4) The official name of the airport at 

which a project is proposed. 

(5) A copy of the airport capital plan 

or other documentation of planned im-
provements for each airport at which a 
PFC financed project is proposed. 

(6) A description of each project pro-


(7) The project justification, includ-

ing the extent to which the project 
achieves one or more of the objectives 
set forth in § 158.15(a) and (if a PFC 
level above $3 is requested) the require-
ments of § 158.17. In addition— 

(i) For any project for terminal de-

velopment, including gates and related 
areas, the public agency shall discuss 

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