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Subpart A - General Provisions
Scope and purpose.
Section 150.3
Subpart B - Development of Noise Exposure Maps and Noise Com...
150.21 Noise exposure maps and related descriptions.
150.23 Noise compatibility programs.
Subpart C - Evaluations and Determinations of Effects of Noi...
150.31 Preliminary
150.33 Evaluation of programs.
150.35 Determinations;
47101, 47501-47504.
18, 1984, unless otherwise noted.
Subpart A - General Provisions
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Section 150.7
(d) Acceptance of a noise exposure
24, 2004]
Section 150.7 Definitions.
a.m., and between 10 p.m., and midnight, local time. The sym...
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Section 150.9
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
1988; 53 FR 9726, Mar. 24, 1988; Amdt. 150-2, 54
57625, Sept. 24, 2004]
Section 150.9 Designation of noise systems.
(a) The noise at an airport and surrounding areas covered by...
(b) The exposure of individuals to
(c) Uses of computer models to create
Section 150.11 Identification of land uses.
Section 150.13 Incorporations by reference.
(a) General. This part prescribes certain standards and proc...
1 CFR part 51.
(b) Changes to incorporated matter. Incorporated matter whic...
(c) Identification statement. The complete title or descript...
(d) Availability for purchase. Published
1430 Broadway, New York, NY 10018.
(e) Availability for inspection. A copy
(i) New England Regional Office, 12
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Section 150.21
(v) Central Regional Office, Federal
7th Avenue #14, Anchorage, AK 9951.
25, 1989; 69 FR 18803, Apr. 9, 2004; Amdt. 150-
4, 69 FR 57625, Sept. 24, 2004; 72 FR 68475, Dec.
5, 2007]
Subpart B - Development of Noise
Section 150.21 Noise exposure maps and related descriptions.
(a) Each airport operator may after
(b) Each map, and related documentation submitted under this...
(c) The Regional Airports Division
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Section 150.21
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
(d) The airport operator shall, in accordance with this sect...
1.5 dB or greater in a land area which
(e) Each map, or revised map, and description of consultatio...
(f)(1) Title 49, section 47506 provides
(i) A significant change in the type or frequency of aircraf...
(f)(2) Title 49 section 47506(b) further
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Section 150.23
(i) Prior to the date of such acquisition,
(g) For this purpose, the term significant in paragraph (f) ...
24, 2004]
Section 150.23 Noise compatibility programs.
(a) Any airport operator who has submitted an acceptable noi...
(b) An airport operator may submit
(c) Each noise compatibility program
(d) Prior to and during the development of a program, and pr...
(e) Each noise compatibility program
Section 150.21(c).
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Section 150.31
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
24, 2004]
Subpart C - Evaluations and Determinations of Effects of
Section 150.31 Preliminary review: Acknowledgments.
(a) Upon receipt of a noise compatibility
Section 150.23, the Regional Airports Division
(b) If, based on the preliminary review, the Regional Airpor...
(c) If, based on the preliminary review, the Regional Airpor...
(d) The date of signature of the published notice of receipt...
25, 1989]
Section 150.33
(a) The FAA conducts an evaluation
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Section 150.35
(b) The evaluation may also include
(c) To the extent considered necessary, the FAA may - 
(d) If requested by the FAA, the airport operator shall furn...
(e) An airport operator may, at any
180-day approval period or causing
25, 1989]
Section 150.35 Determinations;
(a) The FAA issues a determination
(b) The Administrator approves programs under this part, if ...
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14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
(i) Reducing the level of aviation
(c) When a determination is issued,
(d) Approvals issued under this part
30-day period, submit to the Regional
(e) Determinations may contain conditions which must be sati...
(f) Noise exposure maps for current
25, 1989; Amdt. 150-4, 69 FR 57626, Sept. 24,
08:20 May 17, 2019
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(a) This appendix establishes a uniform
(b) This appendix provides for the use of
(a) Airport Noise Measurement. The AWeighted Sound Level, me...
(b) Airport Noise Exposure. The yearly daynight average soun...
(a) Sound levels must be measured or analyzed with equipment...
Section 150.11. For purposes of this part, the tolerances al...
(b) Noise measurements and documentation must be in accordan...
(a) To determine the extent of the noise
(b) Table 1 of this appendix describes compatible land use i...
(c) Compatibility designations in Table 1
(d) For the purpose of compliance with this
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14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
(e) Except as provided in (f) below, the
(f) Notwithstanding any other provision of
1 differ between Ldn 65-70 dB and the Ldn 70-
75 dB, determinations should either use the
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25, 30, or 35 = Land use and related structures generally co...
(a) The airport operator shall acquire the
(b) Except as provided in paragraph (c) of
2200 hours local) and nighttime (2200-0700
(c) For heliports, the map scale required by
4,000 feet horizontally from the landing pad.
(a) The airport proprietor shall identify
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14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
(a) Average sound level must be computed
(d) Sound exposure level must be computed
(b) Day-night average sound level (individual day) must be c...
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150-1, 53 FR 8724, Mar. 16, 1988; Amdt. 150-4, 69
10 A
Scope and purpose.
(c) Yearly day-night average sound level
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Scope and purpose.
(a) This appendix prescribes the content
(b) The purpose of a noise compatibility
(a) It is required that a current and complete noise exposur...
Section 150.21(c) be included in each noise compatibility pr...
(b) If the proposed noise compatibility program would yield ...
(a) Reduces existing noncompatible uses
(b) Does not impose undue burden on interstate and foreign c...
(c) Provides for revision in accordance
(d) Is not unjustly discriminatory.
(e) Does not derogate safety or adversely
(f) To the extent practicable, meets both
(g) Can be implemented in a manner consistent with all of th...
(a) Noise control alternatives must be considered and presen...
(b) At a minimum, the operator shall analyze and report on t...
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14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
(i) Denial of use of the airport to aircraft
(v) Partial or complete curfews.
(c) For those alternatives selected for implementation, the ...
(a) Notwithstanding any other provision of
1981, are not required to be modified to contain the followi...
(b) Previously prepared noise compatibility program document...
Subpart A - General Requirements
151.1 Applicability.
151.3 National Airport Plan.
151.5 General policies.
151.7 Grants of funds: General policies.
151.9 Runway clear zones: General.
151.11 Runway clear zones; requirements.
151.13 Federal-aid Airport Program: Policy
151.15 Federal-aid Airport Program: Policy
Subpart B - Rules and Procedures for
151.21 Procedures: Application; general information.
151.23 Procedures: Application; funding information.
151.24 Procedures: Application; information