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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

§ 139.325 

(a) A wind cone that visually pro-

vides surface wind direction informa-
tion to pilots. For each runway avail-
able for air carrier use, a supplemental 
wind cone must be installed at the end 
of the runway or at least at one point 
visible to the pilot while on final ap-
proach and prior to takeoff. If the air-
port is open for air carrier operations 
at night, the wind direction indicators, 
including the required supplemental 
indicators, must be lighted. 

(b) For airports serving any air car-

rier operation when there is no control 
tower operating, a segmented circle, a 
landing strip indicator and a traffic 
pattern indicator must be installed 
around a wind cone for each runway 
with a right-hand traffic pattern. 

(c) FAA Advisory Circulars contain 

methods and procedures for the instal-
lation, lighting, and maintenance of 
traffic and wind indicators that are ac-
ceptable to the Administrator. 

§ 139.325

Airport emergency plan. 

(a) In a manner authorized by the Ad-

ministrator, each certificate holder 
must develop and maintain an airport 
emergency plan designed to minimize 
the possibility and extent of personal 
injury and property damage on the air-
port in an emergency. The plan must— 

(1) Include procedures for prompt re-

sponse to all emergencies listed in 
paragraph (b) of this section, including 
a communications network; 

(2) Contain sufficient detail to pro-

vide adequate guidance to each person 
who must implement these procedures; 

(3) To the extent practicable, provide 

for an emergency response for the larg-
est air carrier aircraft in the Index 
group required under § 139.315. 

(b) The plan required by this section 

must contain instructions for response 

(1) Aircraft incidents and accidents; 
(2) Bomb incidents, including des-

ignation of parking areas for the air-
craft involved; 

(3) Structural fires; 
(4) Fires at fuel farms or fuel storage 


(5) Natural disaster; 
(6) Hazardous materials/dangerous 

goods incidents; 

(7) Sabotage, hijack incidents, and 

other unlawful interference with oper-

(8) Failure of power for movement 

area lighting; and 

(9) Water rescue situations, as appro-


(c) The plan required by this section 

must address or include— 

(1) To the extent practicable, provi-

sions for medical services, including 
transportation and medical assistance 
for the maximum number of persons 
that can be carried on the largest air 
carrier aircraft that the airport reason-
ably can be expected to serve; 

(2) The name, location, telephone 

number, and emergency capability of 
each hospital and other medical facil-
ity and the business address and tele-
phone number of medical personnel on 
the airport or in the communities it 
serves who have agreed to provide med-
ical assistance or transportation; 

(3) The name, location, and telephone 

number of each rescue squad, ambu-
lance service, military installation, 
and government agency on the airport 
or in the communities it serves that 
agrees to provide medical assistance or 

(4) An inventory of surface vehicles 

and aircraft that the facilities, agen-
cies, and personnel included in the plan 
under paragraphs (c)(2) and (3) of this 
section will provide to transport in-
jured and deceased persons to locations 
on the airport and in the communities 
it serves; 

(5) A list of each hangar or other 

building on the airport or in the com-
munities it serves that will be used to 
accommodate uninjured, injured, and 
deceased persons; 

(6) Plans for crowd control, including 

the name and location of each safety or 
security agency that agrees to provide 
assistance for the control of crowds in 
the event of an emergency on the air-
port; and 

(7) Procedures for removing disabled 

aircraft, including, to the extent prac-
tical, the name, location, and tele-
phone numbers of agencies with air-
craft removal responsibilities or capa-

(d) The plan required by this section 

must provide for— 

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