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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–19 Edition) 

§ 135.271 

(2) No more than 8 hours of flight 

deck duty in any 24 consecutive hours; 

(3) No more than 18 duty hours for a 

three-pilot crew or 20 duty hours for a 
four-pilot crew in any 24 consecutive 

(4) No more than 12 hours aloft for a 

three-pilot crew or 16 hours aloft for a 
four-pilot crew during the maximum 
duty hours specified in paragraph (b)(3) 
of this section; 

(5) Adequate sleeping facilities on the 

aircraft for the relief pilot; 

(6) Upon completion of the assign-

ment, a rest period of at least 12 hours; 

(7) For a three-pilot crew, a crew 

which consists of at least the fol-

(i) A pilot in command (PIC) who 

meets the applicable flight crew-
member requirements of subpart E of 
part 135; 

(ii) A PIC who meets the applicable 

flight crewmember requirements of 
subpart E of part 135, except those pre-
scribed in §§ 135.244 and 135.247; and 

(iii) A second in command (SIC) who 

meets the SIC qualifications of 
§ 135.245. 

(8) For a four-pilot crew, at least 

three pilots who meet the conditions of 
paragraph (b)(7) of this section, plus a 
fourth pilot who meets the SIC quali-
fications of § 135.245. 

(c) When a flight crewmember has ex-

ceeded the daily flight deck duty limi-
tation in this section by more than 60 
minutes, because of circumstances be-
yond the control of the certificate 
holder or flight crewmember, that 
flight crewmember must have a rest 
period before the next duty period of at 
least 16 consecutive hours. 

(d) A certificate holder must provide 

each flight crewmember at least 13 rest 
periods of at least 24 consecutive hours 
each in each calendar quarter. 

§ 135.271

Helicopter hospital emer-

gency medical evacuation service 

(a) No certificate holder may assign 

any flight crewmember, and no flight 
crewmember may accept an assign-
ment for flight time if that crew-
member’s total flight time in all com-
mercial flight will exceed— 

(1) 500 hours in any calendar quarter. 

(2) 800 hours in any two consecutive 

calendar quarters. 

(3) 1,400 hours in any calendar year. 
(b) No certificate holder may assign a 

helicopter flight crewmember, and no 
flight crewmember may accept an as-
signment, for hospital emergency med-
ical evacuation service helicopter oper-
ations unless that assignment provides 
for at least 10 consecutive hours of rest 
immediately preceding reporting to the 
hospital for availability for flight time. 

(c) No flight crewmember may accrue 

more than 8 hours of flight time during 
any 24-consecutive hour period of a 
HEMES assignment, unless an emer-
gency medical evacuation operation is 
prolonged. Each flight crewmember 
who exceeds the daily 8 hour flight 
time limitation in this paragraph must 
be relieved of the HEMES assignment 
immediately upon the completion of 
that emergency medical evacuation op-
eration and must be given a rest period 
in compliance with paragraph (h) of 
this section. 

(d) Each flight crewmember must re-

ceive at least 8 consecutive hours of 
rest during any 24 consecutive hour pe-
riod of a HEMES assignment. A flight 
crewmember must be relieved of the 
HEMES assignment if he or she has not 
or cannot receive at least 8 consecutive 
hours of rest during any 24 consecutive 
hour period of a HEMES assignment. 

(e) A HEMES assignment may not ex-

ceed 72 consecutive hours at the hos-

(f) An adequate place of rest must be 

provided at, or in close proximity to, 
the hospital at which the HEMES as-
signment is being performed. 

(g) No certificate holder may assign 

any other duties to a flight crew-
member during a HEMES assignment. 

(h) Each pilot must be given a rest 

period upon completion of the HEMES 
assignment and prior to being assigned 
any further duty with the certificate 
holder of— 

(1) At least 12 consecutive hours for 

an assignment of less than 48 hours. 

(2) At least 16 consecutive hours for 

an assignment of more than 48 hours. 

(i) The certificate holder must pro-

vide each flight crewmember at least 13 
rest periods of at least 24 consecutive 
hours each in each calendar quarter. 

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