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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

§ 125.263 

part. The list shall include the persons’ 
names and addresses. 

(3) The inspection programs required 

by § 125.247 of this part to be followed in 
the performance of inspections under 
this part including— 

(i) The method of performing routine 

and nonroutine inspections (other than 
required inspections); 

(ii) The designation of the items that 

must be inspected (required inspec-
tions), including at least those which if 
improperly accomplished could result 
in a failure, malfunction, or defect en-
dangering the safe operation of the air-

(iii) The method of performing re-

quired inspections; 

(iv) Procedures for the inspection of 

work performed under previously re-
quired inspection findings (‘‘buy-back 

(v) Procedures, standards, and limits 

necessary for required inspections and 
acceptance or rejection of the items re-
quired to be inspected; 

(vi) Instructions to prevent any per-

son who performs any item of work 
from performing any required inspec-
tion of that work; and 

(vii) Procedures to ensure that work 

interruptions do not adversely affect 
required inspections and to ensure re-
quired inspections are properly com-
pleted before the airplane is released to 

(b) In addition, each certificate hold-

er’s manual shall contain a suitable 
system which may include a coded sys-
tem that provides for the retention of 
the following: 

(1) A description (or reference to data 

acceptable to the Administrator) of the 
work performed. 

(2) The name of the person per-

forming the work and the person’s cer-
tificate type and number. 

(3) The name of the person approving 

the work and the person’s certificate 
type and number. 

§ 125.251

Required inspection per-


(a) No person may use any person to 

perform required inspections unless the 
person performing the inspection is ap-
propriately certificated, properly 
trained, qualified, and authorized to do 

(b) No person may perform a required 

inspection if that person performed the 
item of work required to be inspected. 

Subpart H—Airman and 

Crewmember Requirements 

§ 125.261

Airman: Limitations on use of 


(a) No certificate holder may use any 

person as an airman nor may any per-
son serve as an airman unless that per-

(1) Holds an appropriate current air-

man certificate issued by the FAA; 

(2) Has any required appropriate cur-

rent airman and medical certificates in 
that person’s possession while engaged 
in operations under this part; and 

(3) Is otherwise qualified for the oper-

ation for which that person is to be 

(b) Each airman covered by para-

graph (a) of this section shall present 
the certificates for inspection upon the 
request of the Administrator. 

§ 125.263

Composition of flightcrew. 

(a) No certificate holder may operate 

an airplane with less than the min-
imum flightcrew specified in the type 
certificate and the Airplane Flight 
Manual approved for that type airplane 
and required by this part for the kind 
of operation being conducted. 

(b) In any case in which this part re-

quires the performance of two or more 
functions for which an airman certifi-
cate is necessary, that requirement is 
not satisfied by the performance of 
multiple functions at the same time by 
one airman. 

(c) On each flight requiring a flight 

engineer, at least one flight crew-
member, other than the flight engi-
neer, must be qualified to provide 
emergency performance of the flight 
engineer’s functions for the safe com-
pletion of the flight if the flight engi-
neer becomes ill or is otherwise inca-
pacitated. A pilot need not hold a 
flight engineer’s certificate to perform 
the flight engineer’s functions in such 
a situation. 

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