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§ 121.385 

other work or for one year after the 
work is performed. 

(2) The records of the last complete 

overhaul of each airframe, engine, pro-
peller, and appliance shall be retained 
until the work is superseded by work of 
equivalent scope and detail. 

(3) The records specified in paragraph 

(a)(2) of this section shall be retained 
and transferred with the aircraft at the 
time the aircraft is sold. 

(d) The certificate holder shall make 

all maintenance records required to be 
kept by this section available for in-
spection by the Administrator or any 
authorized representative of the Na-
tional Transportation Safety Board 

[Doc. No. 10658, 37 FR 15983, Aug. 9, 1972, as 
amended by Amdt. 121–251, 60 FR 65933, Dec. 
20, 1995; Amdt. 121–321, 71 FR 536, Jan. 4, 2006] 

§ 121.380a

Transfer of maintenance 


Each certificate holder who sells a 

U.S. registered aircraft shall transfer 
to the purchaser, at the time of sale, 
the following records of that aircraft, 
in plain language form or in coded form 
at the election of the purchaser, if the 
coded form provides for the preserva-
tion and retrieval of information in a 
manner acceptable to the Adminis-

(a) The record specified in 

§ 121.380(a)(2). 

(b) The records specified in 

§ 121.380(a)(1) which are not included in 
the records covered by paragraph (a) of 
this section, except that the purchaser 
may permit the seller to keep physical 
custody of such records. However, cus-
tody of records in the seller does not 
relieve the purchaser of his responsi-
bility under § 121.380(c) to make the 
records available for inspection by the 
Administrator or any authorized rep-
resentative of the National Transpor-
tation Safety Board (NTSB). 

[Doc. No. 10658, 37 FR 15984, Aug. 9, 1972] 

Subpart M—Airman and 

Crewmember Requirements 



: Docket No. 6258, 29 FR 19212, Dec. 

31, 1964, unless otherwise noted. 

§ 121.381


This subpart prescribes airman and 

crewmember requirements for all cer-
tificate holders. 

§ 121.383

Airman: Limitations on use of 


(a) No certificate holder may use any 

person as an airman nor may any per-
son serve as an airman unless that per-

(1) Holds an appropriate current air-

man certificate issued by the FAA; 

(2) Has in his or her possession while 

engaged in operations under this part— 

(i) Any required appropriate current 

airman and medical certificates; or 

(ii) A temporary document issued in 

accordance with paragraph (c) of this 
section; and 

(3) Is otherwise qualified for the oper-

ation for which he is to be used. 

(b) Each airman covered by para-

graph (a)(2) of this section shall 
present his or her certificates or tem-
porary document for inspection upon 
request of the Administrator. 

(c) A certificate holder may obtain 

approval to provide a temporary docu-
ment verifying a flightcrew member’s 
airman certificate and medical certifi-
cate privileges under an approved cer-
tificate verification plan set forth in 
the certificate holder’s operations 
specifications. A document provided by 
the certificate holder may be carried as 
an airman certificate or medical cer-
tificate on flights within the United 
States for up to 72 hours. 

(d) No certificate holder may use the 

services of any person as a pilot on an 
airplane engaged in operations under 
this part if that person has reached his 
or her 65th birthday. 

(e) No pilot may serve as a pilot in 

operations under this part if that per-
son has reached his or her 65th birth-

[Doc. No. 6258, 29 FR 19212, Dec. 31, 1964, as 
amended by Amdt. 121–144, 43 FR 22646, May 
25, 1978; Amdt. 121–344, 74 FR 34234, July 15, 
2009; Amdt. 121–372, 80 FR 33401, June 12, 2015; 
Amdt. 121–381, 83 FR 30282, June 27, 2018] 

§ 121.385

Composition of flight crew. 

(a) No certificate holder may operate 

an airplane with less than the min-
imum flight crew in the airworthiness 

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