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§ 121.365 

(j) All turbine engine-powered air-

planes subject to this section that are 
manufactured on or after April 7, 2010, 
must have a cockpit voice recorder in-
stalled that also— 

(1) Is installed in accordance with the 

requirements of § 23.1457 (except for 
paragraph (a)(6) or § 25.1457 (except for 
paragraph (a)(6)) of this chapter, as ap-

(2) Retains at least the last 2 hours of 

recorded information using a recorder 
that meets the standards of TSO–C123a, 
or later revision; and 

(3) Is operated continuously from the 

use of the checklist before the flight to 
completion of the final checklist at the 
end of the flight. 

(4) For all airplanes manufactured on 

or after December 6, 2010, also meets 
the requirements of § 23.1457(a)(6) or 
§ 25.1457(a)(6) of this chapter, as appli-

(k) All airplanes required by this part 

to have a cockpit voice recorder and a 
flight data recorder, that install 
datalink communication equipment on 
or after December 6, 2010, must record 
all datalink messages as required by 
the certification rule applicable to the 

[Doc. No. 6258, 29 FR 19205, Dec. 31, 1964] 





: For F





tations affecting § 121.359, see the List of CFR 
Sections Affected, which appears in the 
Finding Aids section of the printed volume 
and at 

§ 121.360


Subpart L—Maintenance, Preven-

tive Maintenance, and Alter-



: Docket No. 6258, 29 FR 19210, Dec. 

31, 1964, unless otherwise noted. 

§ 121.361


(a) Except as provided by paragraph 

(b) of this section, this subpart pre-
scribes requirements for maintenance, 
preventive maintenance, and alter-
ations for all certificate holders. 

(b) The Administrator may amend a 

certificate holder’s operations speci-
fications to permit deviation from 
those provisions of this subpart that 
would prevent the return to service and 

use of airframe components, power-
plants, appliances, and spare parts 
thereof because those items have been 
maintained, altered, or inspected by 
persons employed outside the United 
States who do not hold U.S. airman 
certificates. Each certificate holder 
who uses parts under this deviation 
must provide for surveillance of facili-
ties and practices to assure that all 
work performed on these parts is ac-
complished in accordance with the cer-
tificate holder’s manual. 

[Doc. No. 8754, 33 FR 14406, Sept. 25, 1968] 

§ 121.363

Responsibility for airworthi-


(a) Each certificate holder is pri-

marily responsible for— 

(1) The airworthiness of its aircraft, 

including airframes, aircraft engines, 
propellers, appliances, and parts there-
of; and 

(2) The performance of the mainte-

nance, preventive maintenance, and al-
teration of its aircraft, including air-
frames, aircraft engines, propellers, ap-
pliances, emergency equipment, and 
parts thereof, in accordance with its 
manual and the regulations of this 

(b) A certificate holder may make ar-

rangements with another person for 
the performance of any maintenance, 
preventive maintenance, or alter-
ations. However, this does not relieve 
the certificate holder of the responsi-
bility specified in paragraph (a) of this 

[Doc. No. 6258, 29 FR 19210, Dec. 31, 1964, as 
amended by Amdt. 121–106, 38 FR 22378, Aug. 
20, 1973] 

§ 121.365

Maintenance, preventive 

maintenance, and alteration organi-

(a) Each certificate holder that per-

forms any of its maintenance (other 
than required inspections), preventive 
maintenance, or alterations, and each 
person with whom it arranges for the 
performance of that work must have an 
organization adequate to perform the 

(b) Each certificate holder that per-

forms any inspections required by its 
manual in accordance with 
§ 121.369(b)(2) or (3) (in this subpart re-
ferred to as 

required inspections

) and 

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