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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

§ 121.801 

(4) Approximate position of the air-

craft during the contact; 

(5) Call sign; and 
(6) Narrative of the contact. 
(d) The record required in paragraph 

(a) of this section must be kept for at 
least 30 days. 

[Doc. No. FAA–2008–0677, 78 FR 67841, Nov. 12, 

§ 121.713

Retention of contracts and 

amendments: Commercial operators 
who conduct intrastate operations 
for compensation or hire. 

(a) Each commercial operator who 

conducts intrastate operations for 
compensation or hire shall keep a copy 
of each written contract under which it 
provides services as a commercial oper-
ator for a period of at least 1 year after 
the date of execution of the contract. 
In the case of an oral contract, it shall 
keep a memorandum stating its ele-
ments, and of any amendments to it, 
for a period of at least one year after 
the execution of that contract or 

(b) Each commercial operator who 

conducts intrastate operations for 
compensation or hire shall submit a fi-
nancial report for the first 6 months of 
each fiscal year and another financial 
report for each complete fiscal year. If 
that person’s operating certificate is 
suspended for more than 29 days, that 
person shall submit a financial report 
as of the last day of the month in 
which the suspension is terminated. 
The report required to be submitted by 
this section shall be submitted within 
60 days of the last day of the period 
covered by the report and must in-

(1) A balance sheet that shows assets, 

liabilities, and net worth on the last 
day of the reporting period; 

(2) The information required by 

§ 119.36 (e)(2), (e)(7), and (e)(8) of this 

(3) An itemization of claims in litiga-

tion against the applicant, if any, as of 
the last day of the period covered by 
the report; 

(4) A profit and loss statement with 

the separation of items relating to the 
applicant’s commercial operator ac-
tivities from his other business activi-
ties, if any; and 

(5) A list of each contract that gave 

rise to operating income on the profit 
and loss statement, including the 
names and addresses of the contracting 
parties and the nature, scope, date, and 
duration of each contract. 

[Doc. No. 28154, 60 FR 65936, Dec. 20, 1995, as 
amended by Amdt. 121–262, 62 FR 13257, Mar. 
19, 1997] 

Subpart W—Crewmember 

Certificate: International 

§ 121.721


This section describes the certifi-

cates that were issued to United States 
citizens who were employed by air car-
riers at the time of issuance as flight 
crewmembers on United States reg-
istered aircraft engaged in inter-
national air commerce. The purpose of 
the certificate is to facilitate the entry 
and clearance of those crewmembers 
into ICAO contracting states. They 
were issued under Annex 9, as amended, 
to the Convention on International 
Civil Aviation. 

[Doc. No. 28154, 61 FR 30435, June 14, 1996] 

§ 121.723

Surrender of international 

crewmember certificate. 

The holder of a certificate issued 

under this section, or the air carrier by 
whom the holder is employed, shall 
surrender the certificate for cancella-
tion at the responsible Flight Stand-
ards office at the termination of the 
holder’s employment with that air car-

[Doc. No. 28154, 61 FR 30435, June 14, 1996, as 
amended by Docket FAA–2018–0119, Amdt. 
121–380, 83 FR 9173, Mar. 5, 2018] 

Subpart X—Emergency Medical 

Equipment and Training 



: Docket No. FAA–2000–7119, 66 FR 

19044, Apr. 12, 2001, unless otherwise noted. 

§ 121.801


This subpart prescribes the emer-

gency medical equipment and training 
requirements applicable to all certifi-
cate holders operating passenger-car-
rying airplanes under this part. Noth-
ing in this subpart is intended to re-
quire certificate holders or its agents 

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