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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

§ 121.573 

must be fastened about that passenger. 
This briefing shall include a statement 
that the Federal Aviation Regulations 
require passenger compliance with 
lighted passenger information signs 
and crewmember instructions con-
cerning the use of safety belts. 

(iv) The location and use of any re-

quired emergency flotation means. 

(v) On operations that do not use a 

flight attendant, the following addi-
tional information: 

(A) The placement of seat backs in an 

upright position before takeoff and 

(B) Location of survival equipment. 
(C) If the flight involves operations 

above 12,000 MSL, the normal and 
emergency use of oxygen. 

(D) Location and operation of fire ex-


(2) After each takeoff, immediately 

before or immediately after turning 
the seat belt sign off, an announcement 
shall be made that passengers should 
keep their seat belts fastened, while 
seated, even when the seat belt sign is 

(3) Except as provided in paragraph 

(a)(4) of this section, before each take-
off a required crewmember assigned to 
the flight shall conduct an individual 
briefing of each person who may need 
the assistance of another person to 
move expeditiously to an exit in the 
event of an emergency. In the briefing 
the required crewmember shall— 

(i) Brief the person and his attend-

ant, if any, on the routes to each ap-
propriate exit and on the most appro-
priate time to begin moving to an exit 
in the event of an emergency; and 

(ii) Inquire of the person and his at-

tendant, if any, as to the most appro-
priate manner of assisting the person 
so as to prevent pain and further in-

(4) The requirements of paragraph 

(a)(3) of this section do not apply to a 
person who has been given a briefing 
before a previous leg of a flight in the 
same aircraft when the crewmembers 
on duty have been advised as to the 
most appropriate manner of assisting 
the person so as to prevent pain and 
further injury. 

(b) Each certificate holder must 

carry on each passenger-carrying air-
plane, in convenient locations for use 

of each passenger, printed cards 
supplementing the oral briefing. Each 
card must contain information perti-
nent only to the type and model of air-
plane used for that flight, including— 

(1) Diagrams of, and methods of oper-

ating, the emergency exits; 

(2) Other instructions necessary for 

use of emergency equipment; and 

(3) No later than June 12, 2005, for Do-

mestic and Flag scheduled passenger- 
carrying flights, the sentence, ‘‘Final 
assembly of this airplane was com-

(c) The certificate holder shall de-

scribe in its manual the procedure to 
be followed in the briefing required by 
paragraph (a) of this section. 

[Doc. No. 2033, 30 FR 3206, Mar. 9, 1965] 





: For F





tations affecting § 121.571, see the List of CFR 
Sections Affected, which appears in the 
Finding Aids section of the printed volume 
and at 

§ 121.573

Briefing passengers: Ex-

tended overwater operations. 

(a) In addition to the oral briefing re-

quired by § 121.571(a), each certificate 
holder operating an airplane in ex-
tended overwater operations shall en-
sure that all passengers are orally 
briefed by the appropriate crewmember 
on the location and operation of life 
preservers, liferafts, and other flota-
tion means, including a demonstration 
of the method of donning and inflating 
a life preserver. 

(b) The certificate holder shall de-

scribe in its manual the procedure to 
be followed in the briefing required by 
paragraph (a) of this section. 

(c) If the airplane proceeds directly 

over water after takeoff, the briefing 
required by paragraph (a) of this sec-
tion must be done before takeoff. 

(d) If the airplane does not proceed 

directly over water after takeoff, no 
part of the briefing required by para-
graph (a) of this section has to be given 
before takeoff, but the entire briefing 
must be given before reaching the 
overwater part of the flight. 

[Doc. No. 2033, 30 FR 3206, Mar. 9, 1965, as 
amended by Amdt. 121–144, 43 FR 22648, May 
25, 1978; Amdt. 121–146, 43 FR 28403, June 29, 

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