14CFR vol2 part99 - 5 pages

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Section 97.5 Bearings, courses, tracks, headings, radials, m...
(a) All bearings, courses, tracks,
(b) RVR values are stated in feet.
7, 2007]
Subpart B - Procedures
97.19, respectively, but are not carried in the
Section 97.10
(b) Standard instrument approach
8260-5. Takeoff minimums and obstacle
(c) Standard instrument approach
2007, as amended by Docket FAA-2018-0119,
Subpart C - TERPS Procedures
6, 1967, unless otherwise noted.
Section 97.20
(a) This subpart prescribes standard
Subpart A - General
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Section 99.1
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
99.15 Position reports.
99.17 Deviation from flight plans and ATC
99.19-99.31 [Reserved]
Subpart B - Designated Air Defense
1988; 66 FR 49822, Sept. 28, 2001; 69 FR 16755,
Section 99.3
40106, 40113, 40120, 44502, 44721.
20, 1988, unless otherwise noted.
Subpart A - General
Section 99.1 Applicability.
(a) This subpart prescribes rules for
(b) Except for SectionSection 99.7, 99.13, and 99.15
(c) An FAA ATC center may exempt
28, 2001, as amended at 69 FR 16755, Mar. 30,
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Section 99.13
Section 99.9
(a) A person who operates a civil aircraft into an ADIZ must...
(b) No person may operate an aircraft
(c) If the pilot operating an aircraft
(d) If a pilot operating an aircraft
Section 91.185 of this chapter.
28, 2001, as amended at 69 FR 16756, Mar. 30,
Section 99.11
(a) No person may operate an aircraft
(b) Unless ATC authorizes an abbreviated flight plan - 
Section 91.169; and
Section 91.153(a) (1) through (6).
(i) Immediately after takeoff or when
(c) The pilot shall designate a flight
(d) The pilot in command of an aircraft for which a flight p...
99-15, 54 FR 34331, Aug. 18, 1989; 66 FR 49822,
Section 99.12
Section 99.13 Transponder-on requirements.
(a) Aircraft transponder-on operation.
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Section 99.15
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
(d) Paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section do not apply to t...
Section 99.15 Position reports.
(a) The pilot of an aircraft operating
(b) No pilot may operate an aircraft
(c) In addition to any other reports
Section 99.17 Deviation from flight plans and
(a) No pilot may deviate from the
Section 91.123 of this chapter.
(b) No pilot may deviate from the
(c) No pilot may deviate from the
Subpart B - Designated Air
Section 99.41 General.
Section 99.43 Contiguous U.S. ADIZ.
43Section15- N, 65Section55-W; 44Section21- N; 67Section16-W...
72Section15-W; 39Section55- N; 73Section00-W; 39Section38- N...
73Section00-W; 39Section36- N; 73Section40-W; 37Section00- N...
75Section30-W; 36Section10- N; 75Section10-W; 35Section10- N...
75Section10-W; 32Section00- N; 80Section30-W; 30Section30- N...
81Section00-W; 26Section40- N; 79Section40-W; 25Section00- N...
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32Section30- N; 117Section25-W; 32Section35- N; 118Section30...
33Section05- N; 119Section45-W; 33Section55- N; 120Section40...
34Section50- N; 121Section10-W; 38Section50- N; 124Section00...
40Section00- N; 124Section35-W; 40Section25- N; 124Section40...
42Section50- N; 124Section50-W; 46Section15- N; 124Section30...
48Section30- N; 125Section00-W; 48Section20- N; 128Section00...
48Section20- N; 132Section00-W; 37Section42- N; 130Section40...
29Section00- N; 124Section00-W; 30Section45- N; 120Section50...
32Section00- N; 118Section24-W; 32Section30- N; 117Section20...
32Section32-03- N; 117Section07-25- W; eastward along
97Section07-W; 26Section00- N; 97Section00-W; 26Section00- N...
95Section00-W; 26Section30- N; 95Section00-W; then via 26Sec...
83Section00-W; then Via 24Section00- N; parallel to
24Section00- N; 79Section25-W; 25Section40- N; 79Section25-W...
63Section45-W; 43Section00- N; 65Section48-W; to point of be...
28, 2001. Redesignated at 69 FR 16756, Mar. 30,
Section 99.45
54Section00- N; 136Section00-W; 56Section57- N; 144Section00...
57Section00- N; 145Section00-W; 53Section00- N; 158Section00...
50Section00- N; 169Section00-W; 50Section00- N; 180Section00...