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Section 95.1
(b) Pilots must fly along the west
(c) Aircraft transiting the area within the Hudson River Exc...
Section 93.353 East River Exclusion specific
(a) Seaplanes landing on or taking off
(b) Airplanes authorized by ATC. Pilots must contact LaGuard...
97 [NOTE]
Subpart A - General
95.1 Applicability.
95.3 Symbols.
Subpart B - Designated Mountainous Areas
95.11 General.
95.13 Eastern United States Mountainous
95.15 Western United States Mountainous
95.17 Alaska Mountainous Area.
95.19 Hawaii Mountainous Area.
95.21 Puerto Rico Mountainous Area.
Subpart C - En Route IFR Altitudes Over
Subpart D - Changeover Points
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Section 95.3
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
Section 95.3
23, 1964]
Subpart B - Designated
(a) COP means changeover point.
(b) L means compass locator;
(c) LF/MF means low frequency, medium frequency;
(d) LFR means low frequency radio
(e) VOR-E means VOR and distance
(f) Z means a very high frequency location marker.
Section 95.11
Section 95.13 Eastern United States Mountainous Area.
(a) Area.
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Section 95.13
67Section55- W.; thence west and south along the
42Section57- N., longitude 77Section30- W.; thence to latitu...
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Section 95.15
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
79Section54- W.; thence to latitude 38Section25- N., longitu...
32Section30- N., longitude 86Section25- W.; thence to latitu...
72Section40- W.; thence to latitude 42Section13- N., longitu...
45Section00- N., longitude 69Section30- W.; thence to latitu...
(b) Exceptions. The area bounded by
73Section26- W.; thence to latitude 44Section32- N., longitu...
41Section16- N., longitude 73Section50- W.; thence to latitu...
73Section55- W.; thence to latitude 43Section02- N., longitu...
42Section52- N., longitude 73Section53- W.; thence to latitu...
Section 95.15 Western United States Mountainous Area.
(a) Area. From the Pacific coastline
108Section00- W.; thence to latitude 46Section45- N., longit...
41Section52- N., longitude 103Section39- W.; thence to latit...
(b) Exceptions.
38Section30- N., longitude 121Section24- W.; thence to latit...
121Section51- W.; thence to latitude 37Section37- N., longit...
47Section12- N., longitude 122Section00- W.; thence to latit...
123Section17- W.; thence to latitude 47Section15- N., longit...
48Section17- N., longitude 123Section15- W.; thence North
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Section 95.17
64Section09- N, longitude 145Section16- W; thence to
146Section37- W; thence to latitude 64Section54- N,
150Section28- W; thence to latitude 61Section08- N,
59Section49- N, longitude 152Section40- W; thence to
153Section10- W; thence to latitude 59Section33- N,
60Section31- N, longitude 150Section43- W; thence to
149Section15- W; thence to latitude 61Section44- N,
62Section23- N, longitude 149Section54- W; thence to
151Section12- W, point of beginning.
159Section30- W; thence to latitude 59Section40- N,
59Section40- N, longitude 155Section30- W; thence to
154Section40- W; thence to latitude 58Section57- N,
58Section00- N, longitude 156Section20- W; thence to
158Section39- W; thence to latitude 56Section27- N,
159Section30- W, point of beginning.
163Section03- W; thence to latitude 62Section05- N,
61Section51- N, longitude 160Section43- W; thence to
158Section00- W; thence to latitude 61Section45- N,
61Section34- N, longitude 159Section15- W; thence to
160Section40- W; thence to latitude 59Section36- N,
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Section 95.17
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
Section 95.19
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Section 95.21
Section 95.21
66Section58- W., thence to latitude 18Section19- N., longitu...
18Section03- N., longitude 65Section52- W.; thence to lati-
66Section58- W.; the point of beginning.
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Section 95.21
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
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Section 97.3
Subpart C - En Route IFR Altitudes
Subpart B - Procedures
Subpart C - TERPS Procedures
Section 95.31 General.
Subpart D - Changeover Points
Section 95.8001 General.
Subpart A - General
97.1 Applicability.
97.3 Symbols and terms used in procedures.
97.5 Bearings, courses, tracks, headings,
40106, 40113, 40114, 40120, 44502, 44514, 44701,
44719, and 44721-44722.
29, 1963, unless otherwise noted.
Subpart A - General
Section 97.1
(a) This part prescribes standard instrument approach proced...
(b) This part also prescribes obstacle