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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–19 Edition) 

§ 93.323 

and Zuni Point corridors may be trans-
ferred outside of the Dragon and Zuni 
Point corridors. 

(iii) A certificate holder must notify 

in writing the responsible Flight 
Standards Office within 10 calendar 
days of a transfer of allocations. This 
notification must identify the parties 
involved, the type of transfer (perma-
nent or temporary) and the number of 
allocations transferred. Permanent 
transfers are not effective until the re-
sponsible Flight Standards Office re-
issues the operations specifications re-
flecting the transfer. Temporary trans-
fers are effective upon notification. 

(5) An allocation will revert to the 

FAA upon voluntary cessation of com-
mercial air tours within the SFRA for 
any consecutive 180-day period unless 
the certificate holder notifies the 
FSDO in writing, prior to the expira-
tion of the 180-day time period, of the 
following: the reason why the certifi-
cate holder has not conducted any 
commercial air tours during the con-
secutive 180-day period; and the date 
the certificate holder intends on re-
suming commercial air tours oper-
ations. The FSDO will notify the cer-
tificate holder of any extension to the 
consecutive 180-days. A certificate 
holder may be granted one extension. 

(6) The FAA retains the right to re- 

distribute, reduce, or revoke alloca-
tions based on: 

(i) Efficiency of airspace; 
(ii) Voluntary surrender of alloca-


(iii) Involuntary cessation of oper-

ations; and 

(iv) Aviation safety. 

[65 FR 17733, Apr. 4, 2000 as amended by 
Amdt. 93-102, 83 FR 48213, Sept. 24, 2018] 

§ 93.323


§ 93.325

Quarterly reporting. 

(a) Each certificate holder must sub-

mit in writing, within 30 days of the 
end of each calendar quarter, the total 
number of commercial SFRA oper-
ations conducted for that quarter. 
Quarterly reports must be filed with 
the responsible Flight Standards Of-

(b) Each quarterly report must con-

tain the following information. 

(1) Make and model of aircraft; 
(2) Identification number (registra-

tion number) for each aircraft; 

(3) Departure airport for each seg-

ment flown; 

(4) Departure date and actual Uni-

versal Coordinated Time, as applicable 
for each segment flown; 

(5) Type of operation; and 
(6) Route(s) flown. 

[65 FR 17733, Apr. 4, 2000 as amended by 
Amdt. 93-102, 83 FR 48213, Sept. 24, 2018] 

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