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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–19 Edition) 

§ 93.125 

(c) For the hours beginning at 6:45 a.m., 7:45 a.m., 11:45 

a.m., 7:45 p.m. and 8:45 p.m., the hourly limitations shall be 
105 for air carriers, 40 for commuters and 10 for ‘‘other,’’ and 
the 30-minute limitations shall be 55 for air carriers, 20 for 
commuters and 5 for ‘‘other.’’ For the hour beginning at 3:45 
p.m., the hourly limitations shall be 115 for air carriers, 30 for 
commuters and 10 for ‘‘others’’, and the 30-minute limitations 
shall be 60 for air carriers, 15 for commuters and 5 for 


Operations at LaGuardia Airport shall not— 

(a) Exceed 26 for air carriers, 7 for commuters and 3 for 

‘‘other’’ during any 30-minute period. 

(b) Exceed 48 for air carriers, 14 for commuters, and 6 for 

‘‘other’’ in any two consecutive 30-minute periods. 


Pursuant to bilateral agreement, 14 slots at LaGuardia and 

24 slots at O’Hare are allocated to the Canadian carriers. 
These slots are excluded from the hourly quotas set forth in 
§ 93.123 above. 

(b) The following exceptions apply to 

the allocations of reservations pre-
scribed in paragraph (a) Of this section. 

(1) The allocations of reservations 

among the several classes of users do 
not apply from 12 midnight to 6 a.m. 
local time, but the total hourly limita-
tion remains applicable. 

(2) [Reserved] 
(3) The allocation of 37 IFR reserva-

tions per hour for air carriers except 
commuters at Washington National 
Airport does not include charter 
flights, or other nonscheduled flights of 
scheduled or supplemental air carriers. 
These flights may be conducted with-
out regard to the limitation of 37 IFR 
reservations per hour. 

(4) The allocation of IFR reservations 

for air carriers except commuters at 
LaGuardia, Newark, O’Hare, and Wash-
ington National Airports does not in-
clude extra sections of scheduled 
flights. The allocation of IFR reserva-
tions for scheduled commuters at 
Washington National Airport does not 
include extra sections of scheduled 
flights. These flights may be conducted 
without regard to the limitation upon 
the hourly IFR reservations at those 

(5) Any reservation allocated to, but 

not taken by, air carrier operations 
(except commuters) is available for a 
scheduled commuter operation. 

(6) Any reservation allocated to, but 

not taken by, air carrier operations 
(except commuters) or scheduled com-
muter operations is available for other 

(c) For purposes of this subpart— 
(1) The number of operations allo-

cated to 

air carriers except commuters, 


used in paragraph (a) of this section re-
fers to the number of operations con-
ducted by air carriers with turboprop 
and reciprocating engine aircraft hav-

ing a certificated maximum passenger 
seating capacity of 75 or more or with 
turbojet powered aircraft having a cer-
tificated maximum passenger seating 
capacity of 56 or more, or, if used for 
cargo service in air transportation, 
with any aircraft having a maximum 
payload capacity of 18,000 pounds or 

(2) The number of operations allo-

cated to scheduled commuters, as used 
in paragraph (a) of this section, refers 
to the number of operations conducted 
by air carriers with turboprop and re-
ciprocating engine aircraft having a 
certificated maximum passenger seat-
ing capacity of less than 75 or by tur-
bojet aircraft having a certificated 
maximum passenger seating capacity 
of less than 56, or if used for cargo serv-
ice in air transportation, with any air-
craft having a maximum payload ca-
pacity of less than 18,000 pounds. For 
purposes of aircraft operations at Ron-
ald Reagan Washington National Air-
port, the term ‘‘commuters’’ means 
aircraft operations using aircraft hav-
ing a certificated maximum seating ca-
pacity of 76 or less. 

(3) Notwithstanding the provisions of 

paragraph (c)(2) of this section, a lim-
ited number of operations allocated for 
‘‘scheduled commuters’’ under para-
graph (a) of this section may be con-
ducted with aircraft described in 
§ 93.221(e) of this part pursuant to the 
requirements of § 93.221(e). 

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§ 93.125

Arrival or departure reserva-


Except between 12 Midnight and 6 

a.m. local time, no person may operate 
an aircraft to or from an airport des-
ignated as a high density traffic air-
port unless he has received, for that op-
eration, an arrival or departure res-
ervation from ATC. 

[Doc. No. 9974, 37 FR 22794, Oct. 25, 1972] 

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