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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–19 Edition) 

§ 67.409 

67.109(b), 67.113(b) and (c), 67.207(b)(3) 
and (c), 67.209(b), 67.213(b) and (c), 
67.307(b)(3) and (c), 67.309(b), or 67.313(b) 
and (c), any action taken under this 
paragraph other than by the Federal 
Air Surgeon is subject to reconsider-
ation by the Federal Air Surgeon. A 
certificate issued by an aviation med-
ical examiner is considered to be af-
firmed as issued unless an FAA official 
named in this paragraph (authorized 
official) reverses that issuance within 
60 days after the date of issuance. How-
ever, if within 60 days after the date of 
issuance an authorized official requests 
the certificate holder to submit addi-
tional medical information, an author-
ized official may reverse the issuance 
within 60 days after receipt of the re-
quested information. 

(d) The authority of the Adminis-

trator under 49 U.S.C. 44709 to re-exam-
ine any civil airman to the extent nec-
essary to determine an airman’s quali-
fication to continue to hold an airman 
medical certificate, is delegated to the 
Federal Air Surgeon and his or her au-
thorized representatives within the 

§ 67.409

Denial of medical certificate. 

(a) Any person who is denied a med-

ical certificate by an aviation medical 
examiner may, within 30 days after the 
date of the denial, apply in writing and 
in duplicate to the Federal Air Sur-
geon, Attention: Manager, Aeromedical 
Certification Division, AAM–300, Fed-
eral Aviation Administration, P.O. Box 
26080, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73126, 
for reconsideration of that denial. If 
the person does not ask for reconsider-
ation during the 30-day period after the 
date of the denial, he or she is consid-
ered to have withdrawn the application 
for a medical certificate. 

(b) The denial of a medical certifi-


(1) By an aviation medical examiner 

is not a denial by the Administrator 
under 49 U.S.C. 44703. 

(2) By the Federal Air Surgeon is 

considered to be a denial by the Admin-
istrator under 49 U.S.C. 44703. 

(3) By the Manager, Aeromedical Cer-

tification Division, or a Regional 
Flight Surgeon is considered to be a de-
nial by the Administrator under 49 

U.S.C. 44703 except where the person 
does not meet the standards of 
§§ 67.107(b)(3) and (c), 67.109(b), or 
67.113(b) and (c); 67.207(b)(3) and (c), 
67.209(b), or 67.213(b) and (c); or 
67.307(b)(3) and (c), 67.309(b), or 67.313(b) 
and (c). 

(c) Any action taken under § 67.407(c) 

that wholly or partly reverses the issue 
of a medical certificate by an aviation 
medical examiner is the denial of a 
medical certificate under paragraph (b) 
of this section. 

(d) If the issue of a medical certifi-

cate is wholly or partly reversed by the 
Federal Air Surgeon; the Manager, 
Aeromedical Certification Division; or 
a Regional Flight Surgeon, the person 
holding that certificate shall surrender 
it, upon request of the FAA. 

§ 67.411


§ 67.413

Medical records. 

(a) Whenever the Administrator finds 

that additional medical information or 
history is necessary to determine 
whether you meet the medical stand-
ards required to hold a medical certifi-
cate, you must: 

(1) Furnish that information to the 

FAA; or 

(2) Authorize any clinic, hospital, 

physician, or other person to release to 
the FAA all available information or 
records concerning that history. 

(b) If you fail to provide the re-

quested medical information or history 
or to authorize its release, the FAA 
may suspend, modify, or revoke your 
medical certificate or, in the case of an 
applicant, deny the application for a 
medical certificate. 

(c) If your medical certificate is sus-

pended, modified, or revoked under 
paragraph (b) of this section, that sus-
pension or modification remains in ef-
fect until you provide the requested in-
formation, history, or authorization to 
the FAA and until the FAA determines 
that you meet the medical standards 
set forth in this part. 

[Doc. No. FAA–2007–27812, 73 FR 43066, July 
24, 2008] 

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