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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–19 Edition) 

§ 61.2 

pilot’s ability to maintain visual sur-
face reference at night. 

Night vision goggle operation 


the portion of a flight that occurs dur-
ing the time period from 1 hour after 
sunset to 1 hour before sunrise where 
the pilot maintains visual surface ref-
erence using night vision goggles in an 
aircraft that is approved for such an 

Pilot time 

means that time in which a 


(i) Serves as a required pilot flight 


(ii) Receives training from an author-

ized instructor in an aircraft, full 
flight simulator, flight training device, 
or aviation training device; 

(iii) Gives training as an authorized 

instructor in an aircraft, full flight 
simulator, flight training device, or 
aviation training device; or 

(iv) Serves as second in command in 

operations conducted in accordance 
with § 135.99(c) of this chapter when a 
second pilot is not required under the 
type certification of the aircraft or the 
regulations under which the flight is 
being conducted, provided the require-
ments in § 61.159(c) are satisfied. 

Practical test 

means a test on the 

areas of operations for an airman cer-
tificate, rating, or authorization that 
is conducted by having the applicant 
respond to questions and demonstrate 
maneuvers in flight, in a flight simu-
lator, or in a flight training device. 

Set of aircraft 

means aircraft that 

share similar performance characteris-
tics, such as similar airspeed and alti-
tude operating envelopes, similar han-
dling characteristics, and the same 
number and type of propulsion sys-

Student pilot seeking a sport pilot cer-


means a person who has re-

ceived an endorsement— 

(i) To exercise student pilot privi-

leges from a certificated flight instruc-
tor with a sport pilot rating; or 

(ii) That includes a limitation for the 

operation of a light-sport aircraft spec-
ified in § 61.89(c) issued by a certifi-
cated flight instructor with other than 
a sport pilot rating. 

Technically advanced airplane (TAA) 

means an airplane equipped with an 
electronically advanced avionics sys-

Training time 

means training re-


(i) In flight from an authorized in-


(ii) On the ground from an authorized 

instructor; or 

(iii) In a flight simulator or flight 

training device from an authorized in-

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§ 61.2

Exercise of Privilege. 



No person may: 

(1) Exercise privileges of a certifi-

cate, rating, endorsement, or author-
ization issued under this part if the 
certificate, rating or authorization is 
surrendered, suspended, revoked or ex-

(2) Exercise privileges of a flight in-

structor certificate if that flight in-
structor certificate is surrendered, sus-
pended, revoked or expired. 

(3) Exercise privileges of a foreign 

pilot certificate to operate an aircraft 
of foreign registry under § 61.3(b) if the 
certificate is surrendered, suspended, 
revoked or expired. 

(4) Exercise privileges of a pilot cer-

tificate issued under § 61.75, or an au-
thorization issued under § 61.77, if the 
foreign pilot certificate relied upon for 
the issuance of the U.S. pilot certifi-
cate or authorization is surrendered, 
suspended, revoked or expired. 

(5) Exercise privileges of a medical 

certificate issued under part 67 to meet 
any requirements of part 61 if the med-
ical certificate is surrendered, sus-
pended, revoked or expired according 
to the duration standards set forth in 
§ 61.23(d). 

(6) Use an official government issued 

driver’s license to meet any require-
ments of part 61 related to holding that 
driver’s license, if the driver’s license 
is surrendered, suspended, revoked or 



No person may: 

(1) Exercise privileges of an airman 

certificate, rating, endorsement, or au-
thorization issued under this part un-
less that person meets the appropriate 

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