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§ 61.51 

aircraft having a single set of controls, 
provided the: 

(1) Examiner agrees to conduct the 


(2) Test does not involve a dem-

onstration of instrument skills; and 

(3) Proficiency of the applicant can 

be observed by an examiner who is in a 
position to observe the applicant. 


Light-sport aircraft with a single 


A practical test for a sport pilot 

certificate may be conducted in a 
light-sport aircraft having a single seat 
provided that the— 

(1) Examiner agrees to conduct the 


(2) Examiner is in a position to ob-

serve the operation of the aircraft and 
evaluate the proficiency of the appli-
cant; and 

(3) Pilot certificate of an applicant 

successfully passing the test is issued a 
pilot certificate with a limitation ‘‘No 
passenger carriage and flight in a sin-
gle-seat light-sport aircraft only.’’ 

[Doc. No. 25910, 62 FR 16298, Apr. 4, 1997; 
Amdt. 61–103, 62 FR 40897, July 30, 1997; 
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§ 61.47

Status of an examiner who is 

authorized by the Administrator to 
conduct practical tests. 

(a) An examiner represents the Ad-

ministrator for the purpose of con-
ducting practical tests for certificates 
and ratings issued under this part and 
to observe an applicant’s ability to per-
form the areas of operation on the 
practical test. 

(b) The examiner is not the pilot in 

command of the aircraft during the 
practical test unless the examiner 
agrees to act in that capacity for the 
flight or for a portion of the flight by 
prior arrangement with: 

(1) The applicant; or 
(2) A person who would otherwise act 

as pilot in command of the flight or for 
a portion of the flight. 

(c) Notwithstanding the type of air-

craft used during the practical test, the 
applicant and the examiner (and any 
other occupants authorized to be on 
board by the examiner) are not subject 
to the requirements or limitations for 

the carriage of passengers that are 
specified in this chapter. 

[Doc. No. 25910, 62 FR 16298, Apr. 4, 1997; 
Amdt. 61–103, 62 FR 40897, July 30, 1997] 

§ 61.49

Retesting after failure. 

(a) An applicant for a knowledge or 

practical test who fails that test may 
reapply for the test only after the ap-
plicant has received: 

(1) The necessary training from an 

authorized instructor who has deter-
mined that the applicant is proficient 
to pass the test; and 

(2) An endorsement from an author-

ized instructor who gave the applicant 
the additional training. 

(b) An applicant for a flight instruc-

tor certificate with an airplane cat-
egory rating or, for a flight instructor 
certificate with a glider category rat-
ing, who has failed the practical test 
due to deficiencies in instructional pro-
ficiency on stall awareness, spin entry, 
spins, or spin recovery must: 

(1) Comply with the requirements of 

paragraph (a) of this section before 
being retested; 

(2) Bring an aircraft to the retest 

that is of the appropriate aircraft cat-
egory for the rating sought and is cer-
tificated for spins; and 

(3) Demonstrate satisfactory instruc-

tional proficiency on stall awareness, 
spin entry, spins, and spin recovery to 
an examiner during the retest. 

§ 61.51

Pilot logbooks. 


Training time and aeronautical ex-


Each person must document 

and record the following time in a 
manner acceptable to the Adminis-

(1) Training and aeronautical experi-

ence used to meet the requirements for 
a certificate, rating, or flight review of 
this part. 

(2) The aeronautical experience re-

quired for meeting the recent flight ex-
perience requirements of this part. 


Logbook entries. 

For the purposes 

of meeting the requirements of para-
graph (a) of this section, each person 
must enter the following information 
for each flight or lesson logged: 

(1) General— 
(i) Date. 
(ii) Total flight time or lesson time. 

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