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§ 61.43 

months after the month the applicant 
began the test. 

(g) If all increments of the practical 

test for a certificate or rating are not 
completed within 2 calendar months 
after the month the applicant began 
the test, the applicant must retake the 
entire practical test. 

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§ 61.41

Flight training received from 

flight instructors not certificated by 
the FAA. 

(a) A person may credit flight train-

ing toward the requirements of a pilot 
certificate or rating issued under this 
part, if that person received the train-
ing from: 

(1) A flight instructor of an Armed 

Force in a program for training mili-
tary pilots of either— 

(i) The United States; or 
(ii) A foreign contracting State to 

the Convention on International Civil 

(2) A flight instructor who is author-

ized to give such training by the licens-
ing authority of a foreign contracting 
State to the Convention on Inter-
national Civil Aviation, and the flight 
training is given outside the United 

(b) A flight instructor described in 

paragraph (a) of this section is only au-
thorized to give endorsements to show 
training given. 

§ 61.43

Practical tests: General proce-


(a) Completion of the practical test 

for a certificate or rating consists of— 

(1) Performing the tasks specified in 

the areas of operation for the airman 
certificate or rating sought; 

(2) Demonstrating mastery of the air-

craft by performing each task success-

(3) Demonstrating proficiency and 

competency within the approved stand-
ards; and 

(4) Demonstrating sound judgment. 
(b) The pilot flight crew complement 

required during the practical test is 
based on one of the following require-

ments that applies to the aircraft being 
used on the practical test: 

(1) If the aircraft’s FAA-approved 

flight manual requires the pilot flight 
crew complement be a single pilot, 
then the applicant must demonstrate 
single pilot proficiency on the prac-
tical test. 

(2) If the aircraft’s type certification 

data sheet requires the pilot flight 
crew complement be a single pilot, 
then the applicant must demonstrate 
single pilot proficiency on the prac-
tical test. 

(3) If the FAA Flight Standardization 

Board report, FAA-approved aircraft 
flight manual, or aircraft type certifi-
cation data sheet allows the pilot 
flight crew complement to be either a 
single pilot, or a pilot and a copilot, 
then the applicant may demonstrate 
single pilot proficiency or have a copi-
lot on the practical test. If the appli-
cant performs the practical test with a 
copilot, the limitation of ‘‘Second in 
Command Required’’ will be placed on 
the applicant’s pilot certificate. The 
limitation may be removed if the appli-
cant passes the practical test by dem-
onstrating single-pilot proficiency in 
the aircraft in which single-pilot privi-
leges are sought. 

(c) If an applicant fails any area of 

operation, that applicant fails the 
practical test. 

(d) An applicant is not eligible for a 

certificate or rating sought until all 
the areas of operation are passed. 

(e) The examiner or the applicant 

may discontinue a practical test at any 

(1) When the applicant fails one or 

more of the areas of operation; or 

(2) Due to inclement weather condi-

tions, aircraft airworthiness, or any 
other safety-of-flight concern. 

(f) If a practical test is discontinued, 

the applicant is entitled credit for 
those areas of operation that were 
passed, but only if the applicant: 

(1) Passes the remainder of the prac-

tical test within the 60-day period after 
the date the practical test was discon-

(2) Presents to the examiner for the 

retest the original notice of dis-
approval form or the letter of dis-
continuance form, as appropriate; 

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