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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

Pt. 60, App. D 








QPS requirements 


Entry No. 

General FTD requirements 

FTD level 


4 5 6 7 

1.a. ............

The FTD must have a flight deck that is a 

replica of the helicopter, or set of heli-
copters simulated with controls, equipment, 
observable flight deck indicators, circuit 
breakers, and bulkheads properly located, 
functionally accurate and replicating the 
helicopter or set of helicopters. The direc-
tion of movement of controls and switches 
must be identical to that in the helicopter or 
set of helicopters. Crewmember seats must 
afford the capability for the occupant to be 
able to achieve the design ‘‘eye position.’’ 
Equipment for the operation of the flight 
deck windows must be included, but the ac-
tual windows need not be operable. Those 
circuit breakers that affect procedures or re-
sult in observable flight deck indications 
must be properly located and functionally 
accurate. Fire axes, extinguishers, landing 
gear pins, and spare light bulbs must be 
available, and may be represented in sil-
houette, in the flight simulator. This equip-
ment must be present as near as practical 
to the original position 

X  For FTD purposes, the flight deck consists of 

all that space forward of a cross section of 
the flight deck at the most extreme aft set-
ting of the pilots’ seats including additional, 
required crewmember duty stations and 
those required bulkheads aft of the pilot 
seats. Bulkheads containing only items 
such as landing gear pin storage compart-
ments, fire axes and extinguishers, spare 
light bulbs, and aircraft documents pouches 
are not considered essential and may be 
omitted. If omitted, these items, or the sil-
houettes of these items, may be placed on 
the wall of the simulator, or in any other lo-
cation as near as practical to the original 
position of these items. 

1.b. ............

The FTD must have equipment (i.e., instru-

ments, panels, systems, circuit breakers, 
and controls) simulated sufficiently for the 
authorized training/checking events to be 
accomplished. The installed equipment, 
must be located in a spatially correct con-
figuration, and may be in a flight deck or an 
open flight deck area. Those circuit break-
ers that affect procedures or result in ob-
servable flight deck indications must be 
properly located and functionally accurate. 
Additional equipment required for the au-
thorized training and checking events must 
be available in the FTD but may be located 
in a suitable location as near as practical to 
the spatially correct position. Actuation of 
this equipment must replicate the appro-
priate function in the helicopter. Fire axes, 
landing gear pins, and any similar purpose 
instruments need only be represented in sil-

X X 

2. Programming. 

2.a. ............

The FTD must provide the proper effect of 

aerodynamic changes for the combinations 
of drag and thrust normally encountered in 
flight. This must include the effect of 
change in helicopter attitude, thrust, drag, 
altitude, temperature, and configuration. 
Levels 6 and 7 additionally require the ef-
fects of changes in gross weight and center 
of gravity.Level 5 requires only generic aer-
odynamic programming. 

An SOC is required .........................................

X X X 

2.b. ............

The FTD must have the computer (analog or 

digital) capability (i.e., capacity, accuracy, 
resolution, and dynamic response) needed 
to meet the qualification level sought. 

An SOC is required .........................................

X X X X 

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