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§ 60.9 

is an applicant for, an approved flight 
engineer course in accordance with 
part 63 of this chapter. 

(2) The FSTD will be used, or will be 

offered for use, in the sponsor’s FAA- 
approved flight training program for 
the aircraft being simulated as evi-
denced in a request for evaluation sub-
mitted to the NSPM. 

(b) A person is a sponsor if the fol-

lowing conditions are met: 

(1) The person is a certificate holder 

under part 119, 141, or 142 of this chap-
ter or has an approved flight engineer 
course in accordance with part 63 of 
this chapter. 

(2) The person has— 
(i) Operations specifications author-

izing the use of the specific aircraft or 
set of aircraft and has an FAA-ap-
proved training program under which 
at least one FSTD, simulating the air-
craft or set of aircraft and for which 
the person is the sponsor, is used by 
the sponsor as described in paragraphs 
(b)(5) or (b)(6) of this section; or 

(ii) Training specifications or an 

FAA-approved course of training under 
which at least one FSTD, simulating 
that aircraft or set of aircraft and for 
which the person is the sponsor, is used 
by the sponsor as described in para-
graphs (b)(5) or (b)(6) of this section. 

(3) The person has a quality manage-

ment system currently approved by the 
NSPM in accordance with § 60.5. 

(4) The NSPM has accepted the per-

son as the sponsor of the FSTD and 
that acceptance has not been with-
drawn by the FAA. 

(5) At least one FSTD (as referenced 

in paragraph (b)(2)(i) or (b)(2)(ii) of this 
section) that is initially qualified on or 
after May 30, 2008, is used within the 
sponsor’s FAA-approved flight training 
program for the aircraft or set of air-
craft at least once within the 12-month 
period following the initial/upgrade 
evaluation, and at least once within 
each subsequent 12-month period there-

(6) At least one FSTD (as referenced 

in paragraph (b)(2)(i) or (b)(2)(ii) of this 
section) that was qualified before May 
30, 2008, is used within the sponsor’s 
FAA-approved flight training program 
for the aircraft or set of aircraft at 
least once within the 12-month period 
following the first continuing quali-

fication evaluation conducted by the 
NSPM after May 30, 2008 and at least 
once within each subsequent 12-month 
period thereafter. 

(c) If the use requirements of para-

graphs (b)(2) and either (b)(5) or (b)(6) 
of this section are not met, the person 
will forfeit the right to sponsor that 
FSTD and that person will not be eligi-
ble to apply to sponsor that FSTD for 
at least 12 calendar months following 
the expiration of the qualification sta-

(d) In addition to the FSTD described 

in paragraph (b) of this section, an 
FSTD sponsor may sponsor any num-
ber of other FSTDs regardless of spe-
cific aircraft or set of aircraft provided 

(1) During the preceding 12-month pe-

riod, all of the other FSTDs are used 
within the sponsor’s or another certifi-
cate holder’s FAA-approved flight 
training program for the aircraft or set 
of aircraft simulated; or 

(2) The sponsor obtains a written 

statement at least annually from a 
qualified pilot who has flown the air-
craft or set of aircraft (as appropriate) 
during the preceding 12-month period 
stating that the subject FSTD’s per-
formance and handling qualities, with-
in the normal operating envelope, rep-
resent the aircraft or set of aircraft de-
scribed in the FAA Type Certificate 
and the type data sheet, if appropriate. 
The sponsor must retain the two most 
current written statements for review 
by the NSPM. 

[Doc. No. FAA–2002–12461, 71 FR 63426, Oct. 
30, 2006; Amdt. 60–2, 72 FR 59599, Oct. 22, 2007] 

§ 60.9

Additional responsibilities of the 


(a) The sponsor must allow the 

NSPM upon request to inspect the 
FSTD as soon as practicable. This in-
spection may include all records and 
documents relating to the FSTD, to de-
termine its compliance with this part. 

(b) The sponsor must do the following 

for each FSTD: 

(1) Establish a mechanism to receive 

written comments regarding the FSTD 
and its operation in accordance with 
the QPS appendix E of this part. 

(2) Post in or adjacent to the FSTD 

the Statement of Qualification issued 
by the NSPM. An electronic copy of 

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