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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

Pt. 60, App. B 

There is no minimum number of hours or 
minimum FTD periods required. 

b. The following examples describe accept-

able operational practices: 

(1) Example One. 
(a) A sponsor is sponsoring a single, spe-

cific FTD for its own use, in its own facility 
or elsewhere— this single FTD forms the 
basis for the sponsorship. The sponsor uses 
that FTD at least once in each 12-month pe-
riod in that sponsor’s FAA-approved flight 
training program for the airplane simulated. 
This 12-month period is established accord-
ing to the following schedule: 

(i) If the FTD was qualified prior to May 

30, 2008, the 12-month period begins on the 
date of the first continuing qualification 
evaluation conducted in accordance with 
§ 60.19 after May 30, 2008, and continues for 
each subsequent 12-month period; 

(ii) A device qualified on or after May 30, 

2008, will be required to undergo an initial or 
upgrade evaluation in accordance with 
§ 60.15. Once the initial or upgrade evaluation 
is complete, the first continuing qualifica-
tion evaluation will be conducted within 6 
months. The 12 month continuing qualifica-
tion evaluation cycle begins on that date and 
continues for each subsequent 12-month pe-

(b) There is no minimum number of hours 

of FTD use required. 

(c) The identification of the specific FTD 

may change from one 12-month period to the 
next 12-month period as long as that sponsor 
sponsors and uses at least one FTD at least 
once during the prescribed period. 

(2) Example Two. 
(a) A sponsor sponsors an additional num-

ber of FTDs, in its facility or elsewhere. 
Each additionally sponsored FTD must be— 

(i) Used by the sponsor in the sponsor’s 

FAA-approved flight training program for 
the airplane simulated (as described in 
§ 60.7(d)(1)); or 

(ii) Used by another FAA certificate holder 

in that other certificate holder’s FAA-ap-
proved flight training program for the air-
plane simulated (as described in § 60.7(d)(1)). 
This 12-month period is established in the 
same manner as in example one; or 

(iii) Provided a statement each year from a 

qualified pilot, (after having flown the air-
plane, not the subject FTD or another FTD, 
during the preceding 12-month period) stat-
ing that the subject FTD’s performance and 
handling qualities represent the airplane (as 
described in § 60.7(d)(2)). This statement is 
provided at least once in each 12-month pe-
riod established in the same manner as in ex-
ample one. 

(b) There is no minimum number of hours 

of FTD use required. 

(3) Example Three. 
(a) A sponsor in New York (in this exam-

ple, a Part 142 certificate holder) establishes 

‘‘satellite’’ training centers in Chicago and 

(b) The satellite function means that the 

Chicago and Moscow centers must operate 
under the New York center’s certificate (in 
accordance with all of the New York center’s 
practices, procedures, and policies; e.g., in-
structor and/or technician training/checking 
requirements, record keeping, QMS pro-

(c) All of the FTDs in the Chicago and Mos-

cow centers could be dry-leased (i.e., the cer-
tificate holder does not have and use FAA- 
approved flight training programs for the 
FTDs in the Chicago and Moscow centers) 

(i) Each FTD in the Chicago center and 

each FTD in the Moscow center is used at 
least once each 12-month period by another 
FAA certificate holder in that other certifi-
cate holder’s FAA-approved flight training 
program for the airplane (as described in 
§ 60.7(d)(1)); or 

(ii) A statement is obtained from a quali-

fied pilot (having flown the airplane, not the 
subject FTD or another FTD during the pre-
ceding 12-month period) stating that the per-
formance and handling qualities of each FTD 
in the Chicago and Moscow centers rep-
resents the airplane (as described in 
§ 60.7(d)(2)). 







7. A







(§ 60.9) 







The phrase ‘‘as soon as practicable’’ in 

§ 60.9(a) means without unnecessarily dis-
rupting or delaying beyond a reasonable 
time the training, evaluation, or experience 
being conducted in the FTD. 

8. FTD U


(§ 60.11) 

No additional regulatory or informational 

material applies to § 60.11, FTD use. 







9. FTD Objective Data Requirements 

(§ 60.13) 







a. Flight test data used to validate FTD 

performance and handling qualities must 
have been gathered in accordance with a 
flight test program containing the following: 

(1) A flight test plan consisting of: 
(a) The maneuvers and procedures required 

for aircraft certification and simulation pro-
gramming and validation. 

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