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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–19 Edition) 

Pt. 60, App. A 

permissive, the text in this appendix is di-
vided into two sections: ‘‘QPS Require-
ments’’ and ‘‘Information.’’ The QPS Re-
quirements sections contain details regard-
ing compliance with the part 60 rule lan-
guage. These details are regulatory, but are 
found only in this appendix. The Information 
sections contain material that is advisory in 
nature, and designed to give the user general 
information about the regulation. 

b. Questions regarding the contents of this 

publication should be sent to the U.S. De-
partment of Transportation, Federal Avia-
tion Administration, Flight Standards Serv-
ice, National Simulator Program Staff, 
AFS–205, P.O. Box 20636, Atlanta, Georgia, 
30320. Telephone contact numbers for the 
NSP are: phone, 404–474–5620; fax, 404–474– 
5656. The NSP Internet Web site address is:

. On 

this Web site you will find an NSP personnel 
list with telephone and email contact infor-
mation for each NSP staff member, a list of 
qualified flight simulation devices, advisory 
circulars (ACs), a description of the quali-
fication process, NSP policy, and an NSP 
‘‘In-Works’’ section. Also linked from this 
site are additional information sources, 
handbook bulletins, frequently asked ques-
tions, a listing and text of the Federal Avia-
tion Regulations, Flight Standards Inspec-
tor’s handbooks, and other FAA links. 

c. The NSPM encourages the use of elec-

tronic media for all communication, includ-
ing any record, report, request, test, or 
statement required by this appendix. The 
electronic media used must have adequate 
security provisions and be acceptable to the 
NSPM. The NSPM recommends inquiries on 
system compatibility, and minimum system 
requirements are also included on the NSP 
Web site. 

d. Related Reading References. 
(1) 14 CFR part 60. 
(2) 14 CFR part 61. 
(3) 14 CFR part 63. 
(4) 14 CFR part 119. 
(5) 14 CFR part 121. 
(6) 14 CFR part 125. 
(7) 14 CFR part 135. 
(8) 14 CFR part 141. 
(9) 14 CFR part 142. 
(10) AC 120–28, as amended, Criteria for Ap-

proval of Category III Landing Weather 

(11) AC 120–29, as amended, Criteria for Ap-

proving Category I and Category II Landing 
Minima for part 121 operators. 

(12) AC 120–35, as amended, Line Oper-

ational Simulations: Line-Oriented Flight 
Training, Special Purpose Operational 
Training, Line Operational Evaluation. 

(13) AC 120–40, as amended, Airplane Simu-

lator Qualification. 

(14) AC 120–41, as amended, Criteria for 

Operational Approval of Airborne Wind 

Shear Alerting and Flight Guidance Sys-

(15) AC 120–57, as amended, Surface Move-

ment Guidance and Control System 

(16) AC 150/5300–13, as amended, Airport De-


(17) AC 150/5340–1, as amended, Standards 

for Airport Markings. 

(18) AC 150/5340–4, as amended, Installation 

Details for Runway Centerline Touchdown 
Zone Lighting Systems. 

(19) AC 150/5340–19, as amended, Taxiway 

Centerline Lighting System. 

(20) AC 150/5340–24, as amended, Runway 

and Taxiway Edge Lighting System. 

(21) AC 150/5345–28, as amended, Precision 

Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) Systems. 

(22) International Air Transport Associa-

tion document, ‘‘Flight Simulation Training 
Device Design and Performance Data Re-
quirements,’’ as amended. 

(23) AC 25–7, as amended, Flight Test Guide 

for Certification of Transport Category Air-

(24) AC 23–8, as amended, Flight Test Guide 

for Certification of Part 23 Airplanes. 

(25) International Civil Aviation Organiza-

tion (ICAO) Manual of Criteria for the Quali-
fication of Flight Simulation Training De-
vices, as amended. 

(26) Aeroplane Flight Simulation Training 

Device Evaluation Handbook, Volume I, as 
amended and Volume II, as amended, The 
Royal Aeronautical Society, London, UK. 

(27) FAA Airman Testing Standards for the 

Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, Type 
Ratings, Commercial Pilot Certificate, and 
Instrument Ratings. 

(28) The FAA Aeronautical Information 

Manual (AIM). An electronic version of the 
AIM is on the Internet at 


(29) Aeronautical Radio, Inc. (ARINC) doc-

ument number 436, titled 

Guidelines For Elec-

tronic Qualification Test Guide 

(as amended). 

(30) Aeronautical Radio, Inc. (ARINC) doc-

ument 610, 

Guidance for Design and Integra-

tion of Aircraft Avionics Equipment in Simula-

(as amended). 







2. A


(§§ 60.1 









No additional regulatory or informational 

material applies to § 60.1, Applicability, or to 
§ 60.2, Applicability of sponsor rules to per-
sons who are not sponsors and who are en-
gaged in certain unauthorized activities. 







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