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28, 2001. Redesignated at 69 FR 16756, Mar. 30,
Section 99.45
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Section 101.1
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
101.35 Equipment and marking
101.37 Notice requirements.
101.39 Balloon position reports.
Subpart E - Special Rule for Model Aircraft
101.41 Applicability.
101.43 Endangering the safety of the National Airspace Syste...
44701-44702, 44721, 46308, Sec. 336(b), Pub. L.
112-95, 126 Stat. 77.
Section 101.1
(b) For the purposes of this part, a
Subpart A - General
1964; Amdt. 101-3, 35 FR 8213, May 26, 1970;
38092, July 31, 2009; Docket FAA-2015-0150,
Section 101.3
(a) This part prescribes rules governing the operation in th...
(i) Carries a payload package that
(i) Capable of sustained flight in the
Section 101.5 Operations in prohibited or restricted areas.
Section 101.7
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Section 101.11
Section 101.22
Section 101.13
(a) Except as provided in paragraph
(b) of this section, no person may operate a moored balloon ...
(b) Paragraph (a) of this section does
Section 101.15
(a) The names and addresses of the
(b) The size of the balloon or the size
(c) The location of the operation.
(d) The height above the surface of
(e) The date, time, and duration of
Section 101.17 Lighting and marking requirements.
(b) No person may operate a moored
(a) No person may operate a moored
21, 1974]
Section 101.19 Rapid deflation device.
Subpart C -  Amateur Rockets
Section 101.21 Applicability.
(a) This subpart applies to operating
Section 101.25(b)(7)(ii) and with any additional
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Section 101.23
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
(c) Class 3 - Advanced High-Power
Section 101.23
(a) You must operate an amateur
(b) The FAA may specify additional
Section 101.25 Operating
Section 101.23. In addition, you must not operate Class 2-Hi...
3-Advanced High Power Rockets - 
(a) At any altitude where clouds or
(b) At any altitude where the horizontal visibility is less ...
(c) Into any cloud;
(d) Between sunset and sunrise without prior authorization f...
(e) Within 9.26 kilometers (5 nautical
(f) In controlled airspace without
(g) Unless you observe the greater of
(h) Unless a person at least eighteen
(i) Unless reasonable precautions are
Section 101.27 ATC
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Section 101.35
(b) Class 3 - Advanced High-Power
2008, as amended at Doc. No. FAA-2007-27390,
74 FR 31843, July 6, 2009]
Subpart D - Unmanned Free
1964, unless otherwise noted.
Section 101.31
Section 101.33
(a) Unless otherwise authorized by
(b) At any altitude where there are
(c) At any altitude below 60,000 feet
(d) During the first 1,000 feet of ascent, over a congested ...
(e) In such a manner that impact of
Section 101.35 Equipment and marking requirements.
(a) No person may operate an unmanned free balloon unless - 
16:30 Jun 25, 2019
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Section 101.37
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
2700 MHz frequency range.
(a) (1) and (2) of this section when
(b) No person may operate an unmanned free balloon below 60,...
(c) No person may operate an unmanned free balloon that is e...
50 foot intervals and that are visible
(d) No person may operate between
1967; Amdt. 101-4, 39 FR 22252, June 21, 1974]
Section 101.37 Notice requirements.
(a) Prelaunch notice: Except as provided in paragraph (b) of...
60,000 feet standard pressure altitude,
(b) For solar or cosmic disturbance
(a) of this section shall be given within
30 minutes to 24 hours before beginning
(c) Cancellation notice: If the operation is canceled, the p...
(d) Launch notice: Each person operating an unmanned free ba...
Section 101.39
(a) Each person operating an unmanned free balloon shall:
(b) One hour before beginning descent, each person operating...
16:30 Jun 25, 2019
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Section 103.1
(c) If a balloon position report is not
(d) Each person operating an unmanned free balloon shall not...
Subpart E - Special Rule for Model
9, 81 FR 42208, June 28, 2016, unless otherwise
Section 101.41
(a) The aircraft is flown strictly for
(b) The aircraft is operated in accordance with a community-...
(c) The aircraft is limited to not
(d) The aircraft is operated in a manner that does not inter...
(e) When flown within 5 miles of an
Section 101.43 Endangering the safety of the
Subpart A - General
Subpart B - Operating Rules
103.9 Hazardous operations.
103.11 Daylight operations.