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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–19 Edition) 

§ 49.31 

that the copy has been compared with 
the original and that it is a true copy. 

[Doc. No. 1996, 29 FR 6486, May 19, 1964, as 
amended by Amdt. 49–1, 31 FR 4499, Mar. 17, 

Subpart C—Aircraft Ownership 

and Encumbrances Against 

§ 49.31


This subpart applies to the recording 

of the following kinds of conveyances: 

(a) A bill of sale, contract of condi-

tional sale, assignment of an interest 
under a contract of conditional sale, 
mortgage, assignment of mortgage, 
lease, equipment trust, notice of tax 
lien or of other lien, or other instru-
ment affecting title to, or any interest 
in, aircraft. 

(b) A release, cancellation, discharge, 

or satisfaction of a conveyance named 
in paragraph (a) of this section. 

§ 49.33

Eligibility for recording: gen-

eral requirements. 

A conveyance is eligible for recording 

under this subpart only if, in addition 
to the requirements of §§ 49.11, 49.13, 
and 49.17, the following requirements 
are met: 

(a) It is in a form prescribed by, or 

acceptable to, the Administrator for 
that kind of conveyance; 

(b) It describes the aircraft by make 

and model, manufacturer’s serial num-
ber, and United States registration 
number, or other detail that makes 
identification possible; 

(c) It is an original document, or a 

duplicate original document, or if nei-
ther the original nor a duplicate origi-
nal of a document is available, a true 
copy of an original document, certified 
under § 49.21; 

(d) It affects aircraft registered under 

49 U.S.C. 44101–44104; and 

(e) It is accompanied by the record-

ing fee required by § 49.15, but there is 
no fee for recording a conveyance 
named in § 49.31(b). 

[Doc. No. 1996, 29 FR 6486, May 19, 1964, as 
amended by Amdt. 49–1, 31 FR 4499, Mar. 17, 
1966; Amdt. 49–10, 70 FR 246, Jan. 3, 2005] 

§ 49.35

Eligibility for recording: owner-

ship requirements. 

If the seller of an aircraft is not 

shown on the records of the FAA as the 
owner of the aircraft, a conveyance, in-
cluding a contract of conditional sale, 
submitted for recording under this sub-
part must be accompanied by bills of 
sale or similar documents showing con-
secutive transfers from the last reg-
istered owner, through each inter-
vening owner, to the seller. 

§ 49.37

Claims for salvage or extraor-

dinary expenses. 

The right to a charge arising out of a 

claim for compensation for salvage of 
an aircraft or for extraordinary ex-
penses indispensable for preserving the 
aircraft in operations terminated in a 
foreign country that is a party to the 
Convention on the International Rec-
ognition of Rights in Aircraft (4 U.S.T. 
1830) may be noted on the FAA record 
by filing notice thereof with the FAA 
Aircraft Registry within three months 
after the date of termination of the sal-
vage or preservation operations. 

Subpart D—Encumbrances 

Against Specifically Identified 
Aircraft Engines and Propel-

§ 49.41


This subpart applies to the recording 

of the following kinds of conveyances: 

(a) Any lease, a notice of tax lien or 

other lien (except a notice of Federal 
tax lien referred to in § 49.17(a)), and 
any mortgage, equipment trust, con-
tract of conditional sale, or other in-
strument executed for security pur-
poses, which affects title to, or any in-
terest in, any specifically identified 
aircraft engine of 550 or more rated 
takeoff horsepower, or the equivalent 
of that horsepower, or a specifically 
identified aircraft propeller capable of 
absorbing 750 or more rated takeoff 
shaft horsepower. 

(b) An assignment or amendment of, 

or supplement to, an instrument 
named in paragraph (a) of this section. 

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