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§ 47.61 

§ 47.45

Change of address. 

Within 30 days after any change in a 

registered owner’s mailing address, the 
registered owner must notify the Reg-
istry in writing of the change of ad-
dress. If a post office box or mailing 
drop is used for mailing purposes, the 
registered owner also must provide 
that owner’s physical address or loca-
tion. Upon acceptance, the Registry 
will issue, without charge, a revised 
Certificate of Aircraft Registration, AC 
Form 8050–3, reflecting the new mailing 
address. When a post office box or mail-
ing drop is used for mailing purposes, 
and the registered owner’s physical ad-
dress or location changes, the reg-
istered owner must notify the Registry 
in writing of the new address or loca-
tion within 30 days. 

[Amdt. 47–29, 75 FR 41982, July 20, 2010] 

§ 47.47

Cancellation of Certificate for 

export purpose. 

(a) The holder of a Certificate of Air-

craft Registration, AC Form 8050–3, or 
the holder of an irrevocable 
deregistration and export request au-
thorization recognized under the Cape 
Town Treaty and filed with the FAA, 
who wishes to cancel the Certificate of 
Aircraft Registration for the purpose of 
export must submit to the Registry— 

(1) A written request for cancellation 

of the Certificate of Aircraft Registra-
tion describing the aircraft by make, 
model, and serial number, and stating 
the U.S. registration number and the 
country to which the aircraft will be 

(2)(i) For an aircraft not subject to 

the Cape Town Treaty, evidence satis-
factory to the FAA that each holder of 
a recorded right has been satisfied or 
has consented to the transfer; or 

(ii) For an aircraft subject to the 

Cape Town Treaty, evidence satisfac-
tory to the FAA that each holder of a 
recorded right established prior to the 
date the Treaty entered into force with 
respect to the United States has been 
satisfied or has consented to the trans-
fer; and 

(3) A written certification that all 

registered interests ranking in priority 
to that of the requestor have been dis-
charged or that the holders of such in-

terests have consented to the cancella-
tion for export purposes. 

(b) If the aircraft is subject to the 

Cape Town Treaty and an irrevocable 
deregistration and export request au-
thorization has been filed with the 
Registry, the Registry will honor a re-
quest for cancellation only if an au-
thorized party makes the request. 

(c) The Registry notifies the country 

to which the aircraft is to be exported 
of the cancellation. 

[Amdt. 47–27, 70 FR 245, Jan. 3, 2005, as 
amended by Amdt. 47–29, 75 FR 41982, July 20, 

§ 47.49

Replacement of Certificate. 

(a) If the original Certificate of Air-

craft Registration, AC Form 8050–3, is 
lost, stolen, or mutilated, the reg-
istered owner may submit to the Reg-
istry a written request that states the 
reason a replacement certificate is 
needed and the fee required by § 47.17. 
The Registry will send a replacement 
certificate to the registered owner’s 
mailing address or to another mailing 
address if requested in writing by the 
registered owner. 

(b) The registered owner may request 

a temporary Certificate of Aircraft 
Registration pending receipt of a re-
placement certificate. The Registry 
issues a temporary Certificate of Air-
craft Registration in the form of a fax 
that must be carried in the aircraft 
until receipt of the replacement certifi-

[Amdt. 47–29, 75 FR 41982, July 20, 2010] 

§ 47.51


Subpart C—Dealers’ Aircraft 

Registration Certificate 

§ 47.61

Dealer’s Aircraft Registration 


(a) The FAA issues a Dealer’s Air-

craft Registration Certificate, AC 
Form 8050–6, to U.S. manufacturers and 
dealers to— 

(1) Allow manufacturers to make any 

required flight tests of aircraft. 

(2) Facilitate operating, dem-

onstrating, and merchandising aircraft 
by the manufacturer or dealer without 
the burden of obtaining a Certificate of 
Aircraft Registration, AC Form 8050–3, 

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