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§ 36.5 

Nacelle angle 

is defined as the angle 

between the rotor shaft centerline and 
the longitudinal axis of the aircraft fu-


means a class of aircraft ca-

pable of vertical take-off and landing, 
within the powered-lift category, with 
rotors mounted at or near the wing tips 
that vary in pitch from near vertical to 
near horizontal configuration relative 
to the wing and fuselage. 

Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) 


means the aircraft state or con-

figuration having the rotors orientated 
with the axis of rotation in a vertical 
manner (


, nacelle angle of approxi-

mately 90 degrees) for vertical takeoff 
and landing operations. 



is defined as the maximum au-

thorized speed for any nacelle angle in 
VTOL/Conversion mode. 

VTOL/Conversion mode 

is all approved 

nacelle positions where the design op-
erating rotor speed is used for hover 

VTOL mode RPM 

means highest range 

of RPM that occur for takeoff, ap-
proach, hover, and conversion condi-

[Doc. No. 13243, Amdt. 36–4, 40 FR 1034, Jan. 
6, 1975] 





: For F





tations affecting § 36.1, see the List of CFR 
Sections Affected, which appears in the 
Finding Aids section of the printed volume 
and at 

§ 36.2

Requirements as of date of ap-


(a) Section 21.17 of this chapter not-

withstanding, each person who applies 
for a type certificate for an aircraft 
covered by this part, must show that 
the aircraft meets the applicable re-
quirements of this part that are effec-
tive on the date of application for that 
type certificate. When the time inter-
val between the date of application for 
the type certificate and the issuance of 
the type certificate exceeds 5 years, the 
applicant must show that the aircraft 
meets the applicable requirements of 
this part that were effective on a date, 
to be selected by the applicant, not 
earlier than 5 years before the issue of 
the type certificate. 

(b) Section 21.101(a) of this chapter 

notwithstanding, each person who ap-
plies for an acoustical change to a type 

design specified in § 21.93(b) of this 
chapter must show compliance with 
the applicable requirements of this 
part that are effective on the date of 
application for the change in type de-
sign. When the time interval between 
the date of application for the change 
in type design and the issuance of the 
amended or supplemental type certifi-
cate exceeds 5 years, the applicant 
must show that the aircraft meets the 
applicable requirements of this part 
that were effective on a date, to be se-
lected by the applicant, not earlier 
than 5 years before the issue of the 
amended or supplemental type certifi-

(c) If an applicant elects to comply 

with a standard in this part that was 
effective after the filing of the applica-
tion for a type certificate or change to 
a type design, the election: 

(1) Must be approved by the FAA; 
(2) Must include standards adopted 

between the date of application and the 
date of the election; 

(3) May include other standards 

adopted after the standard elected by 
the applicant as determined by the 

[Amdt. 36–54, 67 FR 45211, July 8, 2002; Amdt. 
36–24, 67 FR 63195, Oct. 10, 2002] 

§ 36.3

Compatibility with airworthi-

ness requirements. 

It must be shown that the aircraft 

meets the airworthiness regulations 
constituting the type certification 
basis of the aircraft under all condi-
tions in which compliance with this 
part is shown, and that all procedures 
used in complying with this part, and 
all procedures and information for the 
flight crew developed under this part, 
are consistent with the airworthiness 
regulations constituting the type cer-
tification basis of the aircraft. 

[Doc. No. 9337, 34 FR 18364, Nov. 18, 1969, as 
amended by Amdt. 36–14, 53 FR 3540, Feb. 5, 

§ 36.5

Limitation of part. 

Pursuant to 49 U.S.C. 44715, the noise 

levels in this part have been deter-
mined to be as low as is economically 
reasonable, technologically prac-
ticable, and appropriate to the type of 
aircraft to which they apply. No deter-
mination is made, under this part, that 

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