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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–19 Edition) 

§ 33.7 

prior to the issuance of the type cer-
tificate, and to the owner at the time 
of delivery of the engine, approved in-
structions for installing and operating 
the engine. The instructions must in-
clude at least the following: 


Installation instructions. 

(1) The lo-

cation of engine mounting attach-
ments, the method of attaching the en-
gine to the aircraft, and the maximum 
allowable load for the mounting at-
tachments and related structure. 

(2) The location and description of 

engine connections to be attached to 
accessories, pipes, wires, cables, ducts, 
and cowling. 

(3) An outline drawing of the engine 

including overall dimensions. 

(4) A definition of the physical and 

functional interfaces with the aircraft 
and aircraft equipment, including the 
propeller when applicable. 

(5) Where an engine system relies on 

components that are not part of the en-
gine type design, the interface condi-
tions and reliability requirements for 
those components upon which engine 
type certification is based must be 
specified in the engine installation in-
structions directly or by reference to 
appropriate documentation. 

(6) A list of the instruments nec-

essary for control of the engine, includ-
ing the overall limits of accuracy and 
transient response required of such in-
struments for control of the operation 
of the engine, must also be stated so 
that the suitability of the instruments 
as installed may be assessed. 


Operation instructions. 

(1) The op-

erating limitations established by the 

(2) The power or thrust ratings and 

procedures for correcting for non-
standard atmosphere. 

(3) The recommended procedures, 

under normal and extreme ambient 
conditions for— 

(i) Starting; 
(ii) Operating on the ground; and 
(iii) Operating during flight. 
(4) For rotorcraft engines having one 

or more OEI ratings, applicants must 
provide data on engine performance 
characteristics and variability to en-
able the aircraft manufacturer to es-
tablish aircraft power assurance proce-

(5) A description of the primary and 

all alternate modes, and any back-up 
system, together with any associated 
limitations, of the engine control sys-
tem and its interface with the aircraft 
systems, including the propeller when 


Safety analysis assumptions. 


assumptions of the safety analysis as 
described in § 33.75(d) with respect to 
the reliability of safety devices, instru-
mentation, early warning devices, 
maintenance checks, and similar 
equipment or procedures that are out-
side the control of the engine manufac-

[Amdt. 33–6, 39 FR 35463, Oct. 1, 1974, as 
amended by Amdt. 33–9, 45 FR 60181, Sept. 11, 
1980; Amdt. 33–24, 47 FR 50867, Sept. 4, 2007; 
Amdt. 33–25, 73 FR 48123, Aug. 18, 2008; Amdt. 
33–26, 73 FR 48284, Aug. 19, 2008] 

§ 33.7

Engine ratings and operating 


(a) Engine ratings and operating lim-

itations are established by the Admin-
istrator and included in the engine cer-
tificate data sheet specified in § 21.41 of 
this chapter, including ratings and lim-
itations based on the operating condi-
tions and information specified in this 
section, as applicable, and any other 
information found necessary for safe 
operation of the engine. 

(b) For reciprocating engines, ratings 

and operating limitations are estab-
lished relating to the following: 

(1) Horsepower or torque, r.p.m., 

manifold pressure, and time at critical 
pressure altitude and sea level pressure 
altitude for— 

(i) Rated maximum continuous power 

(relating to unsupercharged operation 
or to operation in each supercharger 
mode as applicable); and 

(ii) Rated takeoff power (relating to 

unsupercharged operation or to oper-
ation in each supercharger mode as ap-

(2) Fuel grade or specification. 
(3) Oil grade or specification. 
(4) Temperature of the— 
(i) Cylinder; 
(ii) Oil at the oil inlet; and 
(iii) Turbosupercharger turbine wheel 

inlet gas. 

(5) Pressure of— 
(i) Fuel at the fuel inlet; and 
(ii) Oil at the main oil gallery. 

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