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§ 29.812 

readable from a distance of 30 inches; 

(2) For each Type I or Type II emer-

gency exit with a locking mechanism 
released by rotary motion of the han-
dle, by— 

(i) A red arrow, with a shaft at least 

three-fourths inch wide and a head 
twice the width of the shaft, extending 
along at least 70 degrees of arc at a ra-
dius approximately equal to three- 
fourths of the handle length; and 

(ii) The word ‘‘open’’ in red letters 1 

inch high, placed horizontally near the 
head of the arrow. 

(f) Each emergency exit, and its 

means of opening, must be marked on 
the outside of the rotorcraft. In addi-
tion, the following apply: 

(1) There must be a 2-inch colored 

band outlining each passenger emer-
gency exit, except small rotorcraft 
with a maximum weight of 12,500 
pounds or less may have a 2-inch col-
ored band outlining each exit release 
lever or device of passenger emergency 
exits which are normally used doors. 

(2) Each outside marking, including 

the band, must have color contrast to 
be readily distinguishable from the sur-
rounding fuselage surface. The contrast 
must be such that, if the reflectance of 
the darker color is 15 percent or less, 
the reflectance of the lighter color 
must be at least 45 percent. ‘‘Reflec-
tance’’ is the ratio of the luminous flux 
reflected by a body to the luminous 
flux it receives. When the reflectance 
of the darker color is greater than 15 
percent, at least a 30 percent difference 
between its reflectance and the reflec-
tance of the lighter color must be pro-

(g) Exits marked as such, though in 

excess of the required number of exits, 
must meet the requirements for emer-
gency exits of the particular type. 
Emergency exits need only be marked 
with the word ‘‘Exit.’’ 

[Amdt. 29–3, 33 FR 968, Jan. 26, 1968, as 
amended by Amdt. 29–24, 49 FR 44438, Nov. 6, 
1984; Amdt. 27–26, 55 FR 8004, Mar. 6, 1990; 
Amdt. 29–31, 55 FR 38967, Sept. 21, 1990] 

§ 29.812

Emergency lighting. 

For transport Category A rotorcraft, 

the following apply: 

(a) A source of light with its power 

supply independent of the main light-
ing system must be installed to— 

(1) Illuminate each passenger emer-

gency exit marking and locating sign; 

(2) Provide enough general lighting 

in the passenger cabin so that the aver-
age illumination, when measured at 40- 
inch intervals at seat armrest height 
on the center line of the main pas-
senger aisle, is at least 0.05 foot-candle. 

(b) Exterior emergency lighting must 

be provided at each emergency exit. 
The illumination may not be less than 
0.05 foot-candle (measured normal to 
the direction of incident light) for min-
imum width on the ground surface, 
with landing gear extended, equal to 
the width of the emergency exit where 
an evacuee is likely to make first con-
tact with the ground outside the cabin. 
The exterior emergency lighting may 
be provided by either interior or exte-
rior sources with light intensity meas-
urements made with the emergency 
exits open. 

(c) Each light required by paragraph 

(a) or (b) of this section must be oper-
able manually from the cockpit station 
and from a point in the passenger com-
partment that is readily accessible. 
The cockpit control device must have 
an ‘‘on,’’ ‘‘off,’’ and ‘‘armed’’ position 
so that when turned on at the cockpit 
or passenger compartment station or 
when armed at the cockpit station, the 
emergency lights will either illuminate 
or remain illuminated upon interrup-
tion of the rotorcraft’s normal electric 

(d) Any means required to assist the 

occupants in descending to the ground 
must be illuminated so that the erect-
ed assist means is visible from the 

(1) The assist means must be pro-

vided with an illumination of not less 
than 0.03 foot-candle (measured normal 
to the direction of the incident light) 
at the ground end of the erected assist 
means where an evacuee using the es-
tablished escape route would normally 
make first contact with the ground, 
with the rotorcraft in each of the atti-
tudes corresponding to the collapse of 
one or more legs of the landing gear. 

(2) If the emergency lighting sub-

system illuminating the assist means 

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