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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–19 Edition) 

§ 26.35 

paragraph (b) of this section is not re-
quired because design changes and 
service instructions for FRM or IMM 
will be developed and made available as 
required by this section. 

(2) A proposed means of compliance 

with paragraph (b) of this section, if 


Compliance Plan for Design 

Changes and Service Instructions. 


210 days after December 26, 2008, each 
holder of a type certificate required to 
comply with paragraph (d) of this sec-
tion must submit to the responsible 
Aircraft Certification Service office a 
compliance plan consisting of the fol-

(1) A proposed project schedule, iden-

tifying all major milestones, for meet-
ing the compliance dates specified in 
paragraphs (d), (e) and (f) of this sec-

(2) A proposed means of compliance 

with paragraphs (d), (e) and (f) of this 

(3) A proposal for submitting a draft 

of all compliance items required by 
paragraphs (d), (e) and (f) of this sec-
tion for review by the responsible Air-
craft Certification Service office not 
less than 60 days before the compliance 
times specified in those paragraphs. 

(4) A proposal for how the approved 

service information and any necessary 
modification parts will be made avail-
able to affected persons. 

(i) Each affected type certificate 

holder must implement the compliance 
plans, or later revisions, as approved 
under paragraph (g) and (h) of this sec-

[Doc. No. FAA–2005–22997, 73 FR 42499, July 
21, 2008, as amended by Amdt. 26–3, 74 FR 
31619, July 2, 2009; Doc. No. FAA–2018–0119, 
Amdt. 26–7, 83 FR 9169, Mar. 5, 2018] 

§ 26.35

Changes to type certificates af-

fecting fuel tank flammability. 



This section applies 

to holders and applicants for approvals 
of the following design changes to any 
airplane subject to 14 CFR 26.33(a): 

(1) Any fuel tank designed to be Nor-

mally Emptied if the fuel tank instal-
lation was approved pursuant to a sup-
plemental type certificate or a field ap-
proval before December 26, 2008; 

(2) Any fuel tank designed to be Nor-

mally Emptied if an application for a 

supplemental type certificate or an 
amendment to a type certificate was 
made before December 26, 2008 and if 
the approval was not issued before De-
cember 26, 2008; and 

(3) If an application for a supple-

mental type certificate or an amend-
ment to a type certificate is made on 
or after December 26, 2008, any of the 
following design changes: 

(i) Installation of a fuel tank de-

signed to be Normally Emptied, 

(ii) Changes to existing fuel tank ca-

pacity, or 

(iii) Changes that may increase the 

flammability exposure of an existing 
fuel tank for which FRM or IMM is re-
quired by § 26.33(c). 


Flammability Exposure Analysis



By the times specified in para-

graphs (b)(1)(i) and (b)(1)(ii) of this sec-
tion, each person subject to this sec-
tion must submit for approval a flam-
mability exposure analysis of the aux-
iliary fuel tanks or other affected fuel 
tanks, as defined in the type design, to 
the responsible Aircraft Certification 
Service office. This analysis must be 
conducted in accordance with Appendix 
N of part 25 of this chapter. 

(i) Holders of supplemental type cer-

tificates and field approvals: Within 12 
months of December 26, 2008, 

(ii) Applicants for supplemental type 

certificates and for amendments to 
type certificates: Within 12 months 
after December 26, 2008, or before the 
certificate is issued, whichever occurs 



This paragraph does not 

apply to— 

(i) Fuel tanks for which the type cer-

tificate holder, supplemental type cer-
tificate holder, or field approval holder 
has notified the FAA under paragraph 
(f) of this section that it will provide 
design changes and service instructions 
for an IMM meeting the requirements 
of § 25.981(c) in effect December 26, 2008; 

(ii) Fuel tanks substantiated to be 

conventional unheated aluminum wing 


Impact Assessment. 

By the times 

specified in paragraphs (c)(1) and (c)(2) 
of this section, each person subject to 
paragraph (a)(1) of this section holding 
an approval for installation of a Nor-
mally Emptied fuel tank on an airplane 

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