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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–19 Edition) 

Pt. 25, App. F 

(Note: For blanket materials that cannot 

be installed in accordance with figure 7 
above, the blankets must be installed in a 
manner approved by the FAA.) 



Condition the specimens 

at 70

° ±


F (21

° ±


C) and 55% 


10% relative 

humidity for a minimum of 24 hours prior to 


Preparation of apparatus. 

(1) Level and 

center the frame assembly to ensure align-
ment of the calorimeter and/or thermocouple 
rake with the burner cone. 

(2) Turn on the ventilation hood for the 

test chamber. Do not turn on the burner 

blower. Measure the airflow of the test 
chamber using a vane anemometer or equiv-
alent measuring device. The vertical air ve-
locity just behind the top of the upper insu-
lation blanket test specimen must be 100 



ft/min (0.51 


0.25 m/s). The horizontal air ve-

locity at this point must be less than 50 ft/ 
min (0.25 m/s). 

(3) If a calibrated flow meter is not avail-

able, measure the fuel flow rate using a grad-
uated cylinder of appropriate size. Turn on 
the burner motor/fuel pump, after insuring 
that the igniter system is turned off. Collect 
the fuel via a plastic or rubber tube into the 

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