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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–19 Edition) 

§ 25.1585 

Manual. All of the following informa-
tion, including the weight distribution 
limitations established under § 25.1519, 
must be presented either in the Air-
plane Flight Manual or in a separate 
weight and balance control and loading 
document that is incorporated by ref-
erence in the Airplane Flight Manual: 

(1) The condition of the airplane and 

the items included in the empty weight 
as defined in accordance with § 25.29. 

(2) Loading instructions necessary to 

ensure loading of the airplane within 
the weight and center of gravity limits, 
and to maintain the loading within 
these limits in flight. 

(3) If certification for more than one 

center of gravity range is requested, 
the appropriate limitations, with re-
gard to weight and loading procedures, 
for each separate center of gravity 


Flight crew. 

The number and func-

tions of the minimum flight crew de-
termined under § 25.1523 must be fur-


Kinds of operation. 

The kinds of 

operation approved under § 25.1525 must 
be furnished. 


Ambient air temperatures and oper-

ating altitudes. 

The extremes of the am-

bient air temperatures and operating 
altitudes established under § 25.1527 
must be furnished. 

(g) [Reserved] 

Additional operating limitations. 

The operating limitations established 
under § 25.1533 must be furnished. 


Maneuvering flight load factors. 


positive maneuvering limit load fac-
tors for which the structure is proven, 
described in terms of accelerations, 
must be furnished. 

[Doc. No. 5066, 29 FR 1891, Dec. 24, 1964, as 
amended by Amdt. 25–38, 41 FR 55468, Dec. 20, 
1976; Amdt. 25–42, 43 FR 2323, Jan. 16, 1978; 
Amdt. 25–46, 43 FR 50598, Oct. 30, 1978; Amdt. 
25–72, 55 FR 29787, July 20, 1990; Amdt. 25–105, 
66 FR 34024, June 26, 2001; 75 FR 49818, Aug. 
16, 2010] 

§ 25.1585

Operating procedures. 

(a) Operating procedures must be fur-

nished for— 

(1) Normal procedures peculiar to the 

particular type or model encountered 
in connection with routine operations; 

(2) Non-normal procedures for mal-

function cases and failure conditions 

involving the use of special systems or 
the alternative use of regular systems; 

(3) Emergency procedures for foresee-

able but unusual situations in which 
immediate and precise action by the 
crew may be expected to substantially 
reduce the risk of catastrophe. 

(b) Information or procedures not di-

rectly related to airworthiness or not 
under the control of the crew, must not 
be included, nor must any procedure 
that is accepted as basic airmanship. 

(c) Information identifying each op-

erating condition in which the fuel sys-
tem independence prescribed in § 25.953 
is necessary for safety must be fur-
nished, together with instructions for 
placing the fuel system in a configura-
tion used to show compliance with that 

(d) The buffet onset envelopes, deter-

mined under § 25.251 must be furnished. 
The buffet onset envelopes presented 
may reflect the center of gravity at 
which the airplane is normally loaded 
during cruise if corrections for the ef-
fect of different center of gravity loca-
tions are furnished. 

(e) Information must be furnished 

that indicates that when the fuel quan-
tity indicator reads ‘‘zero’’ in level 
flight, any fuel remaining in the fuel 
tank cannot be used safely in flight. 

(f) Information on the total quantity 

of usable fuel for each fuel tank must 
be furnished. 

[Doc. No. 2000–8511, 66 FR 34024, June 26, 2001] 

§ 25.1587

Performance information. 

(a) Each Airplane Flight Manual 

must contain information to permit 
conversion of the indicated tempera-
ture to free air temperature if other 
than a free air temperature indicator is 
used to comply with the requirements 
of § 25.1303(a)(1). 

(b) Each Airplane Flight Manual 

must contain the performance informa-
tion computed under the applicable 
provisions of this part (including 
§§ 25.115, 25.123, and 25.125 for the 
weights, altitudes, temperatures, wind 
components, and runway gradients, as 
applicable) within the operational lim-
its of the airplane, and must contain 
the following: 

(1) In each case, the conditions of 

power, configuration, and speeds, and 

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