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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–19 Edition) 

§ 25.1305 

(4) A gyroscopic rate-of-turn indi-

cator combined with an integral slip- 
skid indicator (turn-and-bank indi-
cator) except that only a slip-skid indi-
cator is required on large airplanes 
with a third attitude instrument sys-
tem useable through flight attitudes of 


of pitch and roll and installed in 

accordance with § 121.305(k) of this 

(5) A bank and pitch indicator (gyro-

scopically stabilized). 

(6) A direction indicator (gyroscop-

ically stabilized, magnetic or non-

(c) The following flight and naviga-

tion instruments are required as pre-
scribed in this paragraph: 

(1) A speed warning device is required 

for turbine engine powered airplanes 
and for airplanes with V





than 0.8 V




or 0.8 V 




. The 

speed warning device must give effec-
tive aural warning (differing distinc-
tively from aural warnings used for 
other purposes) to the pilots, whenever 
the speed exceeds V


plus 6 knots or 



+ 0.01. The upper limit of the pro-

duction tolerance for the warning de-
vice may not exceed the prescribed 
warning speed. 

(2) A machmeter is required at each 

pilot station for airplanes with com-
pressibility limitations not otherwise 
indicated to the pilot by the airspeed 
indicating system required under para-
graph (b)(1) of this section. 

[Amdt. 25–23, 35 FR 5678, Apr. 8, 1970, as 
amended by Amdt. 25–24, 35 FR 7108, May 6, 
1970; Amdt. 25–38, 41 FR 55467, Dec. 20, 1976; 
Amdt. 25–90, 62 FR 13253, Mar. 19, 1997] 

§ 25.1305

Powerplant instruments. 

The following are required power-

plant instruments: 


For all airplanes. 

(1) A fuel pres-

sure warning means for each engine, or 
a master warning means for all engines 
with provision for isolating the indi-
vidual warning means from the master 
warning means. 

(2) A fuel quantity indicator for each 

fuel tank. 

(3) An oil quantity indicator for each 

oil tank. 

(4) An oil pressure indicator for each 

independent pressure oil system of 
each engine. 

(5) An oil pressure warning means for 

each engine, or a master warning 
means for all engines with provision 
for isolating the individual warning 
means from the master warning means. 

(6) An oil temperature indicator for 

each engine. 

(7) Fire-warning devices that provide 

visual and audible warning. 

(8) An augmentation liquid quantity 

indicator (appropriate for the manner 
in which the liquid is to be used in op-
eration) for each tank. 


For reciprocating engine-powered 


In addition to the powerplant 

instruments required by paragraph (a) 
of this section, the following power-
plant instruments are required: 

(1) A carburetor air temperature indi-

cator for each engine. 

(2) A cylinder head temperature indi-

cator for each air-cooled engine. 

(3) A manifold pressure indicator for 

each engine. 

(4) A fuel pressure indicator (to indi-

cate the pressure at which the fuel is 
supplied) for each engine. 

(5) A fuel flowmeter, or fuel mixture 

indicator, for each engine without an 
automatic altitude mixture control. 

(6) A tachometer for each engine. 
(7) A device that indicates, to the 

flight crew (during flight), any change 
in the power output, for each engine 

(i) An automatic propeller feathering 

system, whose operation is initiated by 
a power output measuring system; or 

(ii) A total engine piston displace-

ment of 2,000 cubic inches or more. 

(8) A means to indicate to the pilot 

when the propeller is in reverse pitch, 
for each reversing propeller. 


For turbine engine-powered air-


In addition to the powerplant 

instruments required by paragraph (a) 
of this section, the following power-
plant instruments are required: 

(1) A gas temperature indicator for 

each engine. 

(2) A fuel flowmeter indicator for 

each engine. 

(3) A tachometer (to indicate the 

speed of the rotors with established 
limiting speeds) for each engine. 

(4) A means to indicate, to the flight 

crew, the operation of each engine 
starter that can be operated continu-
ously but that is neither designed for 

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