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Section 21.700
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
(b) The FAA issues the letter of TSO
53392, Oct. 16, 2009, as amended by Amdt. 21-
92A, 75 FR 9095, Mar. 1, 2010]
Subpart P - Special Federal
21-92, 76 FR 12555, Mar. 8, 2011, unless otherwise noted.
Section 21.700 SFAR No. 111 - Lavatory Oxygen Systems.
23.2165 Performance and flight characteristics requirements ...
Subpart C - Structures
23.2200 Structural design envelope.
23.2205 Interaction of systems and structures.
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Section 23.1457
Subpart F - Equipment
23.2500 Airplane level systems requirements.
23.2505 Function and installation.
23.2510 Equipment, systems, and installations.
23.2515 Electrical and electronic system
23.2520 High-intensity
23.2525 System power generation, storage,
23.2530 External and cockpit lighting.
23.2535 Safety equipment.
23.2540 Flight in icing conditions.
23.2545 Pressurized system elements.
23.2550 Equipment containing high-energy
Subpart G - Flightcrew Interface and Other
23.2600 Flightcrew interface.
23.2605 Installation and operation.
23.2610 Instrument markings, control markings, and placards.
23.2615 Flight, navigation, and powerplant
23.2620 Airplane flight manual.
44701-44702, 44704, Pub. L. 113-53, 127 Stat. 584
64, 81 FR 96689, Dec. 30, 2016, unless otherwise
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Section 23.1459
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
(d) Each cockpit voice recorder must
(i) That provides 10 Section1 minutes of
(e) The recorder container must be
(e)(2) of this section, the recorder container must be locat...
(f) If the cockpit voice recorder has a
(g) Each recorder container must - 
Section 23.1459
(a) Each flight recorder required by
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Section 23.2005
(b) Each non-ejectable record container must be located and ...
(c) A correlation must be established
(d) Each recorder container must - 
(e) Any novel or unique design or
Section 23.1529 Instructions for continued
Subpart A - General
Section 23.2000 Applicability and definitions.
(a) This part prescribes airworthiness
(b) For the purposes of this part, the
Section 23.2005 Certification of normal category airplanes.
(a) Certification in the normal category applies to airplane...
(b) Airplane certification levels are:
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Section 23.2010
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
(c) Airplane performance levels are:
(d) Airplanes not certified for aerobatics may be used to pe...
(e) Airplanes certified for aerobatics
Section 23.2010 Accepted means of compliance.
(a) An applicant must comply with
(b) An applicant requesting acceptance of a means of complia...
Subpart B - Flight
Section 23.2100
(a) The applicant must determine
(b) The applicant must comply with
(c) The condition of the airplane at
Section 23.2105 Performance data.
(a) Unless otherwise prescribed, an
4 airplanes.
(b) Unless otherwise prescribed, the
10,000 feet (3,048 meters); and
(c) The procedures used for determining takeoff and landing ...
(d) Performance data determined in
Section 23.2110 Stall speed.
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Section 23.2135
(b) For single engine airplanes and
(c) For levels 1, 2, and 3 high-speed
Section 23.2120 Climb requirements.
(a) With all engines operating and in
(b) After a critical loss of thrust on
(c) For a balked landing, a climb gradient of 3 percent with...
Section 23.2125
(a) The applicant must determine
(b) The applicant must determine the
Section 23.2130
(a) The distance, starting from a
(b) The approach and landing speeds,
Section 23.2135
(a) The airplane must be controllable
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Section 23.2140
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
(b) The airplane must be able to complete a landing without ...
(c) VMC is the calibrated airspeed at
(d) If the applicant requests certification of an airplane f...
Section 23.2140
(a) The airplane must maintain lateral and directional trim ...
(b) The airplane must maintain longitudinal trim without fur...
(c) Residual control forces must not
Section 23.2145
(a) Airplanes not certified for aerobatics must - 
(b) No airplane may exhibit any divergent longitudinal stabi...
Section 23.2150 Stall characteristics,
(a) The airplane must have controllable stall characteristic...
(b) Single-engine airplanes, not certified for aerobatics, m...
(c) Levels 1 and 2 multiengine airplanes, not certified for ...
(d) Airplanes certified for aerobatics
(e) Spin characteristics in airplanes
Section 23.2155 Ground and water handling
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Section 23.2200
Section 23.2160 Vibration,
(a) Vibration and buffeting, for operations up to VD/MD, mus...
(b) For high-speed airplanes and all
(c) For high-speed airplanes, the applicant must determine t...
(d) High-speed airplanes must have
Section 23.2165 Performance and flight characteristics requi...
(a) An applicant who requests certification for flight in ic...
(i) 250 knots CAS;
(b) If an applicant requests certification for flight in ici...
(c) The applicant must develop an operating limitation to pr...
Subpart C - Structures
Section 23.2200 Structural design envelope.
(a) Structural design airspeeds, landing descent speeds, and...
(b) Design maneuvering load factors
(c) Inertial properties including
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Section 23.2205
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
(d) Characteristics of airplane control systems, including r...
(e) Each critical altitude up to the
Section 23.2205 Interaction of systems and
Section 23.2210 Structural design loads.
(a) The applicant must:
(b) The magnitude and distribution of
Section 23.2215 Flight load conditions.
(a) Atmospheric gusts where the
(b) Symmetric and asymmetric maneuvers.
(c) Asymmetric thrust resulting from
Section 23.2220 Ground and water load conditions.
Section 23.2225 Component loading conditions.
(a) Each engine mount and its supporting structure such that...
(b) Each flight control and high-lift
(c) A pressurized cabin resulting from
Section 23.2230 Limit and ultimate loads.
(a) The limit loads, which are equal
(b) The ultimate loads, which are
1.5 factor of safety unless otherwise
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Section 23.2260
(a) Limit loads without - 
(b) Ultimate loads.
(b) The applicant must establish tolerances for all quantiti...
Section 23.2240 Structural durability.
(a) The applicant must develop and
(b) For Level 4 airplanes, the procedures developed for comp...
(c) For pressurized airplanes:
(d) The airplane must be designed to
Section 23.2245 Aeroelasticity.
(a) The airplane must be free from
Section 23.2250 Design
(a) The applicant must design each
(b) Design data must adequately define the part, article, or...
(c) The applicant must determine the
(d) The control system must be free
(e) Doors, canopies, and exits must be
Section 23.2255 Protection of structure.
(a) The applicant must protect each
(b) Each part of the airplane must
(c) For each part that requires maintenance, preventive main...
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Section 23.2265
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
(c) Except as provided in paragraphs
(f) and (g) of this section, the applicant
(d) If material strength properties
(e) If thermal effects are significant
(f) Design values, greater than the
(g) An applicant may use other material design values if app...
Section 23.2265
(a) The applicant must determine a
(b) The applicant must determine a
(c) The applicant must multiply the
Section 23.2270
(a) The airplane, even when damaged
(b) The emergency landing conditions
(c) The airplane must provide protection for all occupants, ...
(d) Each occupant protection system
(e) Each baggage and cargo compartment must - 
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Section 23.2320
Subpart D - Design and
Section 23.2300 Flight control systems.
(a) The applicant must design airplane flight control system...
(b) The applicant must design trim
(i) The direction of trim control
Section 23.2305 Landing gear systems.
(a) The landing gear must be designed to - 
(b) All airplanes must have a reliable
(c) For airplanes that have a system
Section 23.2310 Buoyancy for seaplanes and
(a) Provide buoyancy of 80 percent in
(b) Have sufficient margin so the airplane will stay afloat ...
Section 23.2315 Means of egress and emergency exits.
(a) With the cabin configured for
(b) Airplanes approved for aerobatics
Section 23.2320 Occupant physical environment.
(a) The applicant must design the
(b) For level 4 airplanes, each windshield and its supportin...
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Section 23.2325
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
(c) The airplane must provide each
(d) If a pressurization system is installed in the airplane,...
(e) If an oxygen system is installed in
Section 23.2325
(a) The following materials must be
(b) The following materials must be
(c) Thermal/acoustic materials in the
(d) Sources of heat within each baggage and cargo compartmen...
(e) For level 4 airplanes, each baggage and cargo compartmen...
(f) There must be a means to extinguish any fire in the cabi...
(g) Each area where flammable fluids
(h) Combustion heater installations
Section 23.2330 Fire protection in designated
(a) Flight controls, engine mounts,
(b) Engines in a designated fire zone
(c) In designated fire zones, terminals, equipment, and elec...
Section 23.2335
Subpart E - Powerplant
Section 23.2400
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Section 23.2430
(c) The applicant must construct and
(d) Hazardous accumulations of
(e) Powerplant components must
Section 23.2405 Automatic power or thrust
(a) An automatic power or thrust
(b) Any single failure or likely combination of failures of ...
(c) Inadvertent operation of an automatic power or thrust co...
(d) Unless the failure of an automatic
Section 23.2410 Powerplant installation hazard assessment.
(a) Prevent continued safe flight and
(b) Cause serious injury that may be
(c) Require immediate action by any
Section 23.2415 Powerplant ice protection.
(a) The airplane design, including the
(b) The powerplant installation design must prevent any accu...
Section 23.2420 Reversing systems.
(a) No unsafe condition will result
(b) The airplane is capable of continued safe flight and lan...
Section 23.2425 Powerplant operational characteristics.
(a) The installed powerplant must operate without any hazard...
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Section 23.2435
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
(b) Each fuel storage system must - 
(c) Each fuel storage refilling or recharging system must be...
Section 23.2435 Powerplant induction and
(a) The air induction system for each
(b) The exhaust system, including exhaust heat exchangers fo...
Section 23.2440 Powerplant fire protection.
(a) A powerplant, auxiliary power
(b) Each designated fire zone must
(c) Each component, line, fitting, and
(d) The applicant must provide a
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Section 23.2515
(e) A means to ensure the prompt detection of fire must be p...
(f) A means to extinguish fire within
Subpart F - Equipment
Section 23.2500 Airplane
(a) The equipment and systems required for an airplane to op...
(b) The systems and equipment not
Section 23.2505
Section 23.2510 Equipment, systems, and installations.
(a) Each catastrophic failure condition is extremely improba...
(b) Each hazardous failure condition
(c) Each major failure condition is
Section 23.2515 Electrical and electronic system lightning p...
(a) Each electrical or electronic system that performs a fun...
(b) Each electrical and electronic
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Section 23.2520
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
Section 23.2520 High-intensity
(a) Each electrical and electronic
(b) For airplanes approved for IFR
Section 23.2525 System power generation,
(a) Supply the power required for operation of connected loa...
(b) Ensure no single failure or malfunction of any one power...
(c) Have enough capacity, if the primary source fails, to su...
Section 23.2530
(a) The applicant must design and install all lights to mini...
(b) Any position and anti-collision
(c) Any position lights, if required by
(d) Any taxi and landing lights must
(e) For seaplanes or amphibian airplanes, riding lights must...
Section 23.2535 Safety equipment.
Section 23.2540 Flight in icing conditions.
(a) The ice protection system provides for safe operation.
(b) The airplane design must provide
Section 23.2545 Pressurized
Section 23.2550 Equipment containing highenergy rotors.
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Section 23.2620
Subpart G - Flightcrew Interface
Section 23.2600
(a) The pilot compartment, its equipment, and its arrangemen...
(b) The applicant must install flight,
(c) For level 4 airplanes, the
Section 23.2605
(a) Each item of installed equipment
(b) There must be a discernible
(c) Information concerning an unsafe
Section 23.2610 Instrument markings, control
(a) Each airplane must display in a
(b) The design must clearly indicate
(c) The applicant must include instrument marking and placar...
Section 23.2615 Flight, navigation, and powerplant instrumen...
(a) Installed systems must provide
(b) Indication systems that integrate
Section 23.2620
(a) The Airplane Flight Manual must
(b) The following sections of the Airplane Flight Manual mus...
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14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
(a) This appendix specifies requirements
(b) The Instructions for Continued Airworthiness for each ai...
(c) The applicant must submit to the FAA
(a) The Instructions for Continued Airworthiness must be in ...
(b) The format of the manual or manuals
(a) Airplane maintenance manual or section.
(b) Maintenance Instructions.
(c) Diagrams of structural access plates
(d) Details for the application of special inspection techni...
12:50 Apr 30, 2019
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(e) Information needed to apply protective
(f) All data relative to structural fasteners
(g) A list of special tools needed.
(h) In addition, for level 4 airplanes, the
Subpart A - General
25.1 Applicability.
25.2 Special retroactive requirements.
25.3 Special provisions for ETOPS type design approvals.
25.5 Incorporations by reference.