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§ 21.305 

§ 21.225

Provisional airworthiness cer-

tificates corresponding with provi-
sional amendments to type certifi-

(a) An applicant is entitled to a Class 

I or a Class II provisional airworthiness 
certificate, for an aircraft, for which a 
provisional amendment to the type 
certificate has been issued, if— 

(1) He meets the eligibility require-

ments of § 21.213 and he complies with 
this section; and 

(2) The FAA finds that there is no 

feature, characteristic, or condition of 
the aircraft, as modified in accordance 
with the provisionally amended type 
certificate, that would make the air-
craft unsafe when operated in accord-
ance with the applicable limitations 
established in §§ 21.85(g), 91.317, and 
121.207 of this chapter. 

(b) The applicant must show that the 

modification was made under a quality 
system adequate to ensure that the 
modification conforms to the provi-
sionally amended type certificate. 

(c) The applicant must submit a 

statement that the aircraft has been 
found by him to be in a safe operating 
condition under the applicable limita-

(d) The aircraft must be flown at 

least five hours by the manufacturer. 

(e) The aircraft must be supplied 

with a provisional aircraft flight man-
ual or other document and appropriate 
placards containing the limitations re-
quired by §§ 21.85(g), 91.317, and 121.207 
of this chapter. 

[Doc. No. 5085, 29 FR 14571, Oct. 24, 1964, as 
amended by Amdt. 21–12, 31 FR 13389, Oct. 15, 
1966; Amdt. 21–66, 54 FR 34329, Aug. 18, 1989; 
Amdt. 21–92, 74 FR 53390, Oct. 16, 2009] 

Subpart J 



Subpart K—Parts Manufacturer 




: Docket No. FAA–2006–25877, Amdt. 

21–92, 74 FR 53390, Oct. 16, 2009, unless other-
wise noted. 

§ 21.301


This subpart prescribes— 
(a) Procedural requirements for 

issuing PMAs; and 

(b) Rules governing holders of PMAs. 

§ 21.303


(a) The applicant for a PMA must 

apply in a form and manner prescribed 
by the FAA, and include the following: 

(1) The identity of the product on 

which the article is to be installed. 

(2) The name and address of the man-

ufacturing facilities at which these ar-
ticles are to be manufactured. 

(3) The design of the article, which 

consists of— 

(i) Drawings and specifications nec-

essary to show the configuration of the 
article; and 

(ii) Information on dimensions, mate-

rials, and processes necessary to define 
the structural strength of the article. 

(4) Test reports and computations 

necessary to show that the design of 
the article meets the airworthiness re-
quirements of this subchapter. The test 
reports and computations must be ap-
plicable to the product on which the 
article is to be installed, unless the ap-
plicant shows that the design of the ar-
ticle is identical to the design of a arti-
cle that is covered under a type certifi-
cate. If the design of the article was ob-
tained by a licensing agreement, the 
applicant must provide evidence of 
that agreement. 

(5) An applicant for a PMA based on 

test reports and computations must 
provide a statement certifying that the 
applicant has complied with the air-
worthiness requirements of this sub-

(b) Each applicant for a PMA must 

make all inspections and tests nec-
essary to determine— 

(1) Compliance with the applicable 

airworthiness requirements; 

(2) That materials conform to the 

specifications in the design; 

(3) That the article conforms to its 

approved design; and 

(4) That the manufacturing proc-

esses, construction, and assembly con-
form to those specified in the design. 

§ 21.305


(a) Each applicant for or holder of a 

PMA must provide the FAA with a doc-

(1) Describing how its organization 

will ensure compliance with the provi-
sions of this subpart; 

(2) Describing assigned responsibil-

ities, delegated authorities, and the 

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