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14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
(c) Requirements. In order for paragraph (e) of this section...
(d) Submission of aggregate data. The
(e) Enforcement. Except for criminal
(f) Disclosure. FOQA data and aggregate FOQA data, if submit...
(g) Withdrawal of program approval.
2001; Amdt. 13-30, 67 FR 31401, May 9, 2002]
Subpart A - General Provisions
Subpart B - Information Required From
Subpart C - Procedures for Considering
14.20 When an application may be filed.
14.21 Filing and service of documents.
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Section 14.03
501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
500 employees at the time the adversary adjudication was ini...
(c) For the purpose of eligibility, the
(d) An applicant who owns an unincorporated business will be...
(e) The employees of an applicant include all persons who re...
(f) The net worth and number of employees of the applicant a...
Section 14.02 Proceedings covered.
(a) The Act applies to certain adversary adjudications condu...
554, in which the position of the FAA is
(b) If a proceeding includes both matters covered by the Act...
(c) Fees and other expenses may not
Section 14.03 Eligibility of applicants.
(a) To be eligible for an award of attorney fees and other e...
(b) The types of eligible applicants
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Section 14.04
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
(c) In determining the reasonableness
(d) The reasonable cost of any study,
(e) Fees may be awarded only for
(g) An applicant that participates in
Section 14.04 Standards for awards.
(a) A prevailing applicant may receive an award for attorney...
(b) An award will be reduced or denied if the applicant has ...
1990; Amdt. 14-03, 64 FR 32935, June 18, 1999]
Section 14.05 Allowance fees and expenses.
(a) Awards will be based on rates customarily charged by per...
(b) No award for the fee of an attorney or agent under this ...
Subpart B - Information Required
Section 14.10 Contents of application.
(a) An application for an award of
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Section 14.11
(b) The application shall also include
(c) The application shall state the
(d) The application may also include
(e) The application shall be signed by
(f) If the applicant is a partnership,
(b) The net worth exhibit shall describe any transfers of as...
(c) Ordinarily, the net worth exhibit
Section 14.11 Net worth exhibit.
(a) Each applicant except a qualified
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Section 14.12
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
Section 14.12 Documentation of fees and expenses.
Section 14.21 Filing
Section 14.22
(a) Within 30 days after service of an
(b) If the FAA-s counsel and the applicant believe that the ...
(a) An application may be filed whenever the applicant has p...
(b) If review or reconsideration is
(c) For purposes of this part, final
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Section 14.20 When an application may be
Section 14.11(b) for confidential financial information. Whe...
Subpart C - Procedures for
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Section 14.28
(c) The answer shall explain in detail
Section 14.26 Further proceedings.
(a) Ordinarily the determination of
(b) A request that the administrative
Section 14.23
Section 14.24
Section 14.27 Decision.
(a) The ALJ shall issue an initial decision on the applicati...
(b) An adjudicative officer in a proceeding under part 17 of...
(c) A decision under paragraph (a) or
(b) of this section shall include written
Section 14.25
Section 14.28 Review by FAA decisionmaker.
(a) In proceedings other than those
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Section 14.29
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-19 Edition)
(b) In proceedings under part 17 of
Section 14.30 Payment of award.
Subpart A - General Procedures
15.1 Scope of regulations.
15.3 Administrative claim, when presented;
15.5 Administrative claim, who may file.
15.7 Administrative claims; evidence and information to be s...
15.9 Investigation and examination.
1999, as amended at 70 FR 8238, Feb. 18, 2005]
Section 14.29
Subpart B - Indemnification Under Section
1118 of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958
15.101 Applicability.
15.103 Exclusions.
15.105 Filing of requests for indemnification.
15.107 Notification requirements.
15.109 Settlements.
15.111 Conduct of litigation.