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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

§ 13.5 

the Hazardous Materials Transpor-
tation Act (49 U.S.C. 1801 

et seq.

), the 

Airport and Airway Development Act 
of 1970 (49 U.S.C. 1701 

et seq.

), the Air-

port and Airway Improvement Act of 
1982 (49 U.S.C. 2201 

et seq.

), the Airport 

and Airway Improvement Act of 1982 
(as amended, 49 U.S.C. App. 2201 

et seq., 

Airport and Airway Safety and Capac-
ity Expansion Act of 1987), and the 
Regulations of the Office of the Sec-
retary of Transportation (49 CFR 1 



), the Administrator may conduct 

investigations, hold hearings, issue 
subpoenas, require the production of 
relevant documents, records, and prop-
erty, and take evidence and deposi-

(b) For the purpose of investigating 

alleged violations of the Federal Avia-
tion Act of 1958, as amended the Haz-
ardous Materials Transportation Act, 
the Airport and Airway Development 
Act of 1970, the Airport and Airway Im-
provement Act of 1982, the Airport and 
Airway Improvement Act of 1982 as 
amended by the Airport and Airway 
Safety and Capacity Expansion Act of 
1987, or any rule, regulation, or order 
issued thereunder, the Administrator’s 
authority has been delegated to the 
various services and or offices for mat-
ters within their respective areas for 
all routine investigations. When the 
compulsory processes of sections 313 
and 1004 (49 U.S.C. 1354 and 1484) of the 
Federal Aviation Act, or section 109 of 
the Hazardous Materials Transpor-
tation Act (49 U.S.C. 1808) are invoked, 
the Administrator’s authority has been 
delegated to the Chief Counsel, the 
Deputy Chief Counsel, each Assistant 
Chief Counsel, each Regional Counsel, 
the Aeronautical Center Counsel, and 
the Technical Center Counsel. 

(c) In conducting formal investiga-

tions, the Chief Counsel, the Deputy 
Chief Counsel, each Assistant Chief 
Counsel, each Regional Counsel, the 
Aeronautical Center Counsel, and the 
Technical Center Counsel may issue an 
order of investigation in accordance 
with subpart F of this part. 

(d) A complaint against the sponsor, 

proprietor, or operator of a Federally- 
assisted airport involving violations of 
the legal authorities listed in § 16.1 of 
this chapter shall be filed in accord-
ance with the provisions of part 16 of 

this chapter, except in the case of com-
plaints, investigations, and proceedings 
initiated before December 16, 1996, the 
effective date of part 16 of this chapter. 

[Doc. No. 18884, 44 FR 63723, Nov. 5, 1979, as 
amended by Amdt. 13–17, 53 FR 33783, Aug. 31, 
1988; 53 FR 35255, Sept. 12, 1988; Amdt. 13–19, 
54 FR 39290, Sept. 25, 1989; Amdt. 13–27, 61 FR 
54004, Oct. 16, 1996; Amdt. 13–29, 62 FR 46865, 
Sept. 4, 1997] 

§ 13.5

Formal complaints. 

(a) Any person may file a complaint 

with the Administrator with respect to 
anything done or omitted to be done by 
any person in contravention of any 
provision of any Act or of any regula-
tion or order issued under it, as to mat-
ters within the jurisdiction of the Ad-
ministrator. This section does not 
apply to complaints against the Ad-
ministrator or employees of the FAA 
acting within the scope of their em-

(b) Complaints filed under this sec-

tion must— 

(1) Be submitted in writing and iden-

tified as a complaint filed for the pur-
pose of seeking an appropriate order or 
other enforcement action; 

(2) Be submitted to the Federal Avia-

tion Administration, Office of the Chief 
Counsel, Attention: Enforcement Dock-
et (AGC–10), 800 Independence Avenue, 
S.W., Washington, DC 20591; 

(3) Set forth the name and address, if 

known, of each person who is the sub-
ject of the complaint and, with respect 
to each person, the specific provisions 
of the Act or regulation or order that 
the complainant believes were vio-

(4) Contain a concise but complete 

statement of the facts relied upon to 
substantiate each allegation; 

(5) State the name, address and tele-

phone number of the person filing the 
complaint; and 

(6) Be signed by the person filing the 

complaint or a duly authorized rep-

(c) Complaints which do not meet the 

requirements of paragraph (b) of this 
section will be considered reports 
under § 13.1. 

(d) Complaints which meet the re-

quirements of paragraph (b) of this sec-
tion will be docketed and a copy 

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