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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

§ 1.1 

standard atmosphere adiabatic com-
pressible flow at sea level uncorrected 
for airspeed system errors. 

In-flight shutdown (IFSD) 

means, for 

ETOPS only, when an engine ceases to 
function (when the airplane is air-
borne) and is shutdown, whether self 
induced, flightcrew initiated or caused 
by an external influence. The FAA con-
siders IFSD for all causes: for example, 
flameout, internal failure, flightcrew 
initiated shutdown, foreign object in-
gestion, icing, inability to obtain or 
control desired thrust or power, and 
cycling of the start control, however 
briefly, even if the engine operates nor-
mally for the remainder of the flight. 
This definition excludes the airborne 
cessation of the functioning of an en-
gine when immediately followed by an 
automatic engine relight and when an 
engine does not achieve desired thrust 
or power but is not shutdown. 


means a device using an 

internal mechanism to show visually 
or aurally the attitude, altitude, or op-
eration of an aircraft or aircraft part. 
It includes electronic devices for auto-
matically controlling an aircraft in 

Instrument approach procedure (IAP) 


a series of predetermined maneuvers by 
reference to flight instruments with 
specified protection from obstacles and 
assurance of navigation signal recep-
tion capability. It begins from the ini-
tial approach fix, or where applicable, 
from the beginning of a defined arrival 
route to a point: 

(1) From which a landing can be com-

pleted; or 

(2) If a landing is not completed, to a 

position at which holding or en route 
obstacle clearance criteria apply. 

Interstate air commerce 

means the car-

riage by aircraft of persons or property 
for compensation or hire, or the car-
riage of mail by aircraft, or the oper-
ation or navigation of aircraft in the 
conduct or furtherance of a business or 
vocation, in commerce between a place 
in any State of the United States, or 
the District of Columbia, and a place in 
any other State of the United States, 
or the District of Columbia; or between 
places in the same State of the United 
States through the airspace over any 
place outside thereof; or between 
places in the same territory or posses-

sion of the United States, or the Dis-
trict of Columbia. 

Interstate air transportation 

means the 

carriage by aircraft of persons or prop-
erty as a common carrier for com-
pensation or hire, or the carriage of 
mail by aircraft in commerce: 

(1) Between a place in a State or the 

District of Columbia and another place 
in another State or the District of Co-

(2) Between places in the same State 

through the airspace over any place 
outside that State; or 

(3) Between places in the same pos-

session of the United States; 

Whether that commerce moves wholly 
by aircraft of partly by aircraft and 
partly by other forms of transpor-

Intrastate air transportation 

means the 

carriage of persons or property as a 
common carrier for compensation or 
hire, by turbojet-powered aircraft capa-
ble of carrying thirty or more persons, 
wholly within the same State of the 
United States. 


means a framework, covered 

with paper, cloth, metal, or other ma-
terial, intended to be flown at the end 
of a rope or cable, and having as its 
only support the force of the wind mov-
ing past its surfaces. 

Landing gear extended speed 


the maximum speed at which an air-
craft can be safely flown with the land-
ing gear extended. 

Landing gear operating speed 


the maximum speed at which the land-
ing gear can be safely extended or re-

Large aircraft 

means aircraft of more 

than 12,500 pounds, maximum certifi-
cated takeoff weight. 

Light-sport aircraft 

means an aircraft, 

other than a helicopter or powered-lift 
that, since its original certification, 
has continued to meet the following: 

(1) A maximum takeoff weight of not 

more than— 

(i) 1,320 pounds (600 kilograms) for 

aircraft not intended for operation on 
water; or 

(ii) 1,430 pounds (650 kilograms) for 

an aircraft intended for operation on 

(2) A maximum airspeed in level 

flight with maximum continuous power 


) of not more than 120 knots CAS 

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