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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

§ 145.211 

§ 145.209

Repair station manual con-


A certificated repair station’s man-

ual must include the following: 

(a) An organizational chart identi-


(1) Each management position with 

authority to act on behalf of the repair 

(2) The area of responsibility as-

signed to each management position, 

(3) The duties, responsibilities, and 

authority of each management posi-

(b) Procedures for maintaining and 

revising the rosters required by 
§ 145.161; 

(c) A description of the certificated 

repair station’s operations, including 
the housing, facilities, equipment, and 
materials as required by subpart C of 
this part; 

(d) Procedures for— 
(1) Revising the capability list pro-

vided for in § 145.215 and notifying the 
certificate holding district office of re-
visions to the list, including how often 
the certificate holding district office 
will be notified of revisions; and 

(2) The self-evaluation required under 

§ 145.215(c) for revising the capability 
list, including methods and frequency 
of such evaluations, and procedures for 
reporting the results to the appropriate 
manager for review and action; 

(e) Procedures for revising the train-

ing program required by § 145.163 and 
submitting revisions to the certificate 
holding district office for approval; 

(f) Procedures to govern work per-

formed at another location in accord-
ance with § 145.203; 

(g) Procedures for maintenance, pre-

ventive maintenance, or alterations 
performed under § 145.205; 

(h) Procedures for— 
(1) Maintaining and revising the con-

tract maintenance information re-
quired by § 145.217(a)(2)(i), including 
submitting revisions to the certificate 
holding district office for approval; and 

(2) Maintaining and revising the con-

tract maintenance information re-
quired by § 145.217(a)(2)(ii) and notifying 
the certificate holding district office of 
revisions to this information, including 
how often the certificate holding dis-
trict office will be notified of revisions; 

(i) A description of the required 

records and the recordkeeping system 
used to obtain, store, and retrieve the 
required records; 

(j) Procedures for revising the repair 

station’s manual and notifying its cer-
tificate holding district office of revi-
sions to the manual, including how 
often the certificate holding district 
office will be notified of revisions; and 

(k) A description of the system used 

to identify and control sections of the 
repair station manual. 

§ 145.211

Quality control system. 

(a) A certificated repair station must 

establish and maintain a quality con-
trol system acceptable to the FAA that 
ensures the airworthiness of the arti-
cles on which the repair station or any 
of its contractors performs mainte-
nance, preventive maintenance, or al-

(b) Repair station personnel must fol-

low the quality control system when 
performing maintenance, preventive 
maintenance, or alterations under the 
repair station certificate and oper-
ations specifications. 

(c) A certificated repair station must 

prepare and keep current a quality con-
trol manual in a format acceptable to 
the FAA that includes the following: 

(1) A description of the system and 

procedures used for— 

(i) Inspecting incoming raw mate-

rials to ensure acceptable quality; 

(ii) Performing preliminary inspec-

tion of all articles that are maintained; 

(iii) Inspecting all articles that have 

been involved in an accident for hidden 
damage before maintenance, preven-
tive maintenance, or alteration is per-

(iv) Establishing and maintaining 

proficiency of inspection personnel; 

(v) Establishing and maintaining cur-

rent technical data for maintaining ar-

(vi) Qualifying and surveilling non-

certificated persons who perform main-
tenance, prevention maintenance, or 
alterations for the repair station; 

(vii) Performing final inspection and 

return to service of maintained arti-

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