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14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-18 Edition)
(a) The helicopter is amphibious or is
(b) Each person on board the helicopter is
Section 4. Helicopter performance plan. Each
(a) Maximum gross weight and center of
(b) Maximum gross weight and CG limitations for hovering out...
(c) Maximum combination of weight, altitude, and temperature...
Section 5. Helicopter Operating Limitations.
Section 6. Minimum flight altitudes. Except
(a) Below an altitude of 1,500 feet above the
(b) Closer than 1,500 feet to any person or
(c) Below any altitude prescribed by federal statute or regu...
Section 7. Passenger briefing. Before takeoff,
121.571, or 135.117:
(a) Water ditching procedures;
(b) Use of required flotation equipment;
(c) Emergency egress from the aircraft in
Subpart A - General
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Section 137.17
Subpart B - Certification Rules
Subpart A - General
Section 137.1
(a) This part prescribes rules governing - 
(b) In a public emergency, a person
(c) Each person who, under the authority of this section, de...
25, 1989]
Section 137.3
Section 137.11 Certificate required.
(a) Except as provided in paragraphs
(c) and (d) of this section, no person
(b) Notwithstanding part 133 of this
(c) A Federal, State, or local government conducting agricul...
(d) The holder of a rotorcraft external-load operator certif...
133 of this chapter conducting an agricultural aircraft oper...
1968; Amdt. 137-6, 41 FR 35060, Aug. 19, 1976]
Section 137.15 Application for certificate.
25, 1989]
Section 137.17 Amendment of certificate.
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Section 137.19
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-18 Edition)
(c) The Flight Standards District Office grants a request to...
(d) Within 30 days after receiving a
1978; Amdt. 137-11, 45 FR 47838, July 17, 1980;
Section 137.19
(a) General. An applicant for a private
(b) Private operator - pilot. The applicant must hold a curr...
(c) Commercial operator - pilots. The
(d) Aircraft. The applicant must have
(e) Knowledge and skill tests. The applicant must show, or h...
(i) Steps to be taken before starting
(v) Performance capabilities and operating limitations of th...
(i) Short-field and soft-field takeoffs
(v) Pullups and turnarounds.
1965; Amdt. 137-7, 43 FR 22643, May 25, 1978]
Section 137.21 Duration of certificate.
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Section 137.37
Section 137.23 Carriage of narcotic drugs,
18, 1989]
Subpart C - Operating Rules
Section 137.29
(a) Except as provided in paragraphs
(d) and (e) of this section, this subpart
(b) [Reserved]
(c) The holder of an agricultural aircraft operator certific...
(d) Sections 137.31 through 137.35,
(e) Sections 137.31 through 137.35,
1968; Amdt. 137-6, 41 FR 35060, Aug. 19, 1976]
Section 137.31
(a) Meets the requirements of
Section 137.19(d); and
(b) Is equipped with a suitable and
Section 137.33
(a) No person may operate an aircraft
(b) Notwithstanding part 91 of this
Section 137.35 Limitations on private agricultural aircraft ...
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Section 137.39
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-18 Edition)
Section 137.39 Economic poison dispensing.
(a) Except as provided in paragraph
(b) of this section, no person may dispense or cause to be d...
(b) This section does not apply to any
Section 137.40 Employment of former FAA
(a) Except as specified in paragraph
(c) of this section, no certificate holder
(b) For the purpose of this section, an
(c) The provisions of this section do
Section 137.41 Personnel.
(a) Information. The holder of an agricultural aircraft oper...
(b) Supervisors. No person may supervise an agricultural air...
(c) Pilot in command. No person may
Section 137.19(e) to supervise his agricultural
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Section 137.51
Section 137.42 Fastening of safety belts and
Section 137.43 Operations in controlled airspace designated ...
(a) Except for flights to and from a
(b) No person may operate an aircraft
(c) Notwithstanding Section 91.157(b)(4) of
14, 1993; 74 FR 13099, Mar. 26, 2009]
Section 137.45 Nonobservance of airport traffic pattern.
(a) Prior coordination is made with
(b) Deviations are limited to the agricultural aircraft oper...
(c) Except in an emergency, landing
(d) The aircraft at all times remains
Section 137.47 Operation
(a) Airports with a functioning control tower are made only ...
(b) Other airports are made only with
Section 137.49 Operations over other than
Section 137.51 Operation
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(a) Notwithstanding part 91 of this
(b) No person may operate an aircraft
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Section 137.53
14 CFR Ch. I (1-1-18 Edition)
(i) Except for helicopters, no person
(i) No person may take off a multiengine airplane over a con...
20 percent for each 1-percent grade.
91 of this chapter except during the actual dispensing opera...
1967; Amdt. 137-13, 54 FR 39294, Sept. 25, 1989]
Section 137.53 Operation
(a) General. No person may operate
(b) Pilots. Each pilot in command
(c) Aircraft. (1) Each aircraft must - 
(i) If it is an aircraft not specified in
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65 or 145 of this chapter, or have been
1976; Amdt. 137-12, 54 FR 34332, Aug. 18, 1989]
Section 137.55 Business name: Commercial
Section 137.57 Availability of certificate.
Section 137.59 Inspection authority.
Subpart D - Records and Reports
Section 137.71 Records: Commercial agricultural aircraft ope...
(a) Each holder of a commercial agricultural aircraft operat...
(b) The records required by this section must be kept at lea...
Section 137.75
Section 137.77
25, 1989; 54 FR 52872, Dec. 22, 1989]
Subpart A - General
139.1 Applicability.
139.3 Delegation of authority.
139.5 Definitions.
139.7 Methods and procedures for compliance.
Subpart B - Certification