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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

§ 135.21 

March 19, 1997 without complying with 
initial training and qualification re-
quirements of subparts N and O of part 
121 of this chapter. The crewmember 
must comply with the applicable recur-
rent training requirements of part 121 
of this chapter. 

[Doc. No. 27993, 60 FR 65950, Dec. 20, 1995] 

§ 135.19

Emergency operations. 

(a) In an emergency involving the 

safety of persons or property, the cer-
tificate holder may deviate from the 
rules of this part relating to aircraft 
and equipment and weather minimums 
to the extent required to meet that 

(b) In an emergency involving the 

safety of persons or property, the pilot 
in command may deviate from the 
rules of this part to the extent required 
to meet that emergency. 

(c) Each person who, under the au-

thority of this section, deviates from a 
rule of this part shall, within 10 days, 
excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and 
Federal holidays, after the deviation, 
send to the FAA Flight Standards Dis-
trict Office charged with the overall in-
spection of the certificate holder a 
complete report of the aircraft oper-
ation involved, including a description 
of the deviation and reasons for it. 

§ 135.21

Manual requirements. 

(a) Each certificate holder, other 

than one who uses only one pilot in the 
certificate holder’s operations, shall 
prepare and keep current a manual set-
ting forth the certificate holder’s pro-
cedures and policies acceptable to the 
Administrator. This manual must be 
used by the certificate holder’s flight, 
ground, and maintenance personnel in 
conducting its operations. However, 
the Administrator may authorize a de-
viation from this paragraph if the Ad-
ministrator finds that, because of the 
limited size of the operation, all or 
part of the manual is not necessary for 
guidance of flight, ground, or mainte-
nance personnel. 

(b) Each certificate holder shall 

maintain at least one copy of the man-
ual at its principal base of operations. 

(c) The manual must not be contrary 

to any applicable Federal regulations, 
foreign regulation applicable to the 
certificate holder’s operations in for-

eign countries, or the certificate hold-
er’s operating certificate or operations 

(d) A copy of the manual, or appro-

priate portions of the manual (and 
changes and additions) shall be made 
available to maintenance and ground 
operations personnel by the certificate 
holder and furnished to— 

(1) Its flight crewmembers; and 
(2) Representatives of the Adminis-

trator assigned to the certificate hold-

(e) Each employee of the certificate 

holder to whom a manual or appro-
priate portions of it are furnished 
under paragraph (d)(1) of this section 
shall keep it up to date with the 
changes and additions furnished to 

(f) Except as provided in paragraph 

(h) of this section, each certificate 
holder must carry appropriate parts of 
the manual on each aircraft when away 
from the principal operations base. The 
appropriate parts must be available for 
use by ground or flight personnel. 

(g) For the purpose of complying 

with paragraph (d) of this section, a 
certificate holder may furnish the per-
sons listed therein with all or part of 
its manual in printed form or other 
form, acceptable to the Administrator, 
that is retrievable in the English lan-
guage. If the certificate holder fur-
nishes all or part of the manual in 
other than printed form, it must en-
sure there is a compatible reading de-
vice available to those persons that 
provides a legible image of the infor-
mation and instructions, or a system 
that is able to retrieve the information 
and instructions in the English lan-

(h) If a certificate holder conducts 

aircraft inspections or maintenance at 
specified stations where it keeps the 
approved inspection program manual, 
it is not required to carry the manual 
aboard the aircraft en route to those 

[Doc. No. 16097, 43 FR 46783, Oct. 10, 1978, as 
amended by Amdt. 135–18, 47 FR 33396, Aug. 2, 
1982; Amdt. 135–58, 60 FR 65939, Dec. 20, 1995; 
Amdt. 135–66, 62 FR 13257, Mar. 19, 1997; 
Amdt. 135–91, 68 FR 54585, Sept. 17, 2003] 

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