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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

Pt. 135, App. G 

(4) Fuel to account for engine deteriora-

tion. In calculating the amount of fuel re-
quired by paragraph G135.2.7(a)(1) of this ap-
pendix (after completing the wind calcula-
tion in paragraph G135.2.7(a)(2) of this appen-
dix), the certificate holder must ensure the 
airplane also carries fuel equal to 5% of the 
fuel specified above, to account for deterio-
ration in cruise fuel burn performance unless 
the certificate holder has a program to mon-
itor airplane in-service deterioration to 
cruise fuel burn performance. 

(b)  Fuel to account for holding, approach, 

and landing. 

In addition to the fuel required 

by paragraph G135.2.7 (a) of this appendix, 
the airplane must carry fuel sufficient to 
hold at 1500 feet above field elevation for 15 
minutes upon reaching the ETOPS Alternate 
Airport and then conduct an instrument ap-
proach and land. 

(c)  Fuel to account for APU use. If an APU 

is a required power source, the certificate 
holder must account for its fuel consumption 
during the appropriate phases of flight. 

G135.2.8  Maintenance Program Requirements. 

In order to conduct an ETOPS flight under 
§ 135.364, each certificate holder must develop 
and comply with the ETOPS maintenance 
program as authorized in the certificate 
holder’s operations specifications for each 
two-engine airplane-engine combination 
used in ETOPS. This provision does not 
apply to operations using an airplane with 
more than two engines. The certificate hold-
er must develop this ETOPS maintenance 
program to supplement the maintenance pro-
gram currently approved for the operator. 
This ETOPS maintenance program must in-
clude the following elements: 

(a)  ETOPS maintenance document. The cer-

tificate holder must have an ETOPS mainte-
nance document for use by each person in-
volved in ETOPS. The document must— 

(1) List each ETOPS Significant System, 
(2) Refer to or include all of the ETOPS 

maintenance elements in this section, 

(3) Refer to or include all supportive pro-

grams and procedures, 

(4) Refer to or include all duties and re-

sponsibilities, and 

(5) Clearly state where referenced material 

is located in the certificate holder’s docu-
ment system. 

(b)  ETOPS pre-departure service check. The 

certificate holder must develop a pre-depar-
ture check tailored to their specific oper-

(1) The certificate holder must complete a 

pre-departure service check immediately be-
fore each ETOPS flight. 

(2) At a minimum, this check must: 
(i) Verify the condition of all ETOPS Sig-

nificant Systems; 

(ii) Verify the overall status of the air-

plane by reviewing applicable maintenance 
records; and 

(iii) Include an interior and exterior in-

spection to include a determination of en-
gine and APU oil levels and consumption 

(3) An appropriately trained maintenance 

person, who is ETOPS qualified must accom-
plish and certify by signature ETOPS spe-
cific tasks. Before an ETOPS flight may 
commence, an ETOPS pre-departure service 
check (PDSC) Signatory Person, who has 
been authorized by the certificate holder, 
must certify by signature, that the ETOPS 
PDSC has been completed. 

(4) For the purposes of this paragraph (b) 

only, the following definitions apply: 

(i) ETOPS qualified person: A person is 

ETOPS qualified when that person satisfac-
torily completes the operator’s ETOPS 
training program and is authorized by the 
certificate holder. 

(ii) ETOPS PDSC Signatory Person: A per-

son is an ETOPS PDSC Signatory Person 
when that person is ETOPS Qualified and 
that person: 

(A) When certifying the completion of the 

ETOPS PDSC in the United States: 

(1) Works for an operator authorized to en-

gage in part 135 or 121 operation or works for 
a part 145 repair station; and 

(2) Holds a U.S. Mechanic’s Certificate 

with airframe and powerplant ratings. 

(B) When certifying the completion of the 

ETOPS PDSC outside of the U.S. holds a cer-
tificate in accordance with § 43.17(c)(1) of this 
chapter; or 

(C) When certifying the completion of the 

ETOPS PDSC outside the U.S. holds the cer-
tificates needed or has the requisite experi-
ence or training to return aircraft to service 
on behalf of an ETOPS maintenance entity. 

(iii) ETOPS maintenance entity: An entity 

authorized to perform ETOPS maintenance 
and complete ETOPS pre-departure service 
checks and that entity is: 

(A) Certificated to engage in part 135 or 121 


(B) Repair station certificated under part 

145 of this title; or 

(C) Entity authorized pursuant to 

§ 43.17(c)(2) of this chapter. 

(c)  Limitations on dual maintenance. (1) Ex-

cept as specified in paragraph G135.2.8(c)(2) 
of this appendix, the certificate holder may 
not perform scheduled or unscheduled dual 
maintenance during the same maintenance 
visit on the same or a substantially similar 
ETOPS Significant System listed in the 
ETOPS maintenance document, if the im-
proper maintenance could result in the fail-
ure of an ETOPS Significant System. 

(2) In the event dual maintenance as de-

fined in paragraph G135.2.8(c)(1) of this ap-
pendix cannot be avoided, the certificate 
holder may perform maintenance provided: 

(i) The maintenance action on each af-

fected ETOPS Significant System is per-
formed by a different technician, or 

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