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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 125.327 

§ 125.325

Instrument approach procedures 

and IFR landing minimums. 

Except as specified in § 91.176 of this chap-

ter, no person may make an instrument ap-
proach at an airport except in accordance 
with IFR weather minimums and unless the 
type of instrument approach procedure to be 
used is listed in the certificate holder’s oper-
ations specifications. 

§ 125.327

Briefing of passengers before 


(a) Before each takeoff, each pilot in 

command of an airplane carrying pas-
sengers shall ensure that all passengers 
have been orally briefed on— 

(1)  Smoking.  Each passenger shall be 

briefed on when, where, and under what 
conditions smoking is prohibited. This 
briefing shall include a statement that 
the Federal Aviation Regulations re-
quire passenger compliance with the 
lighted passenger information signs, 
posted placards, areas designated for 
safety purposes as no smoking areas, 
and crewmember instructions with re-
gard to these items. 

(2) The use of safety belts, including in-

structions on how to fasten and unfasten 
the safety belts. 
Each passenger shall be 
briefed on when, where, and under what 
conditions the safety belt must be fas-
tened about him or her. This briefing 
shall include a statement that the Fed-
eral Aviation Regulations require pas-
senger compliance with lighted pas-
senger information signs and crew-
member instructions concerning the 
use of safety belts. 

(3) The placement of seat backs in an 

upright position before takeoff and 

(4) Location and means for opening 

the passenger entry door and emer-
gency exits; 

(5) Location of survival equipment; 
(6) If the flight involves extended 

overwater operation, ditching proce-
dures and the use of required flotation 

(7) If the flight involves operations 

above 12,000 feet MSL, the normal and 
emergency use of oxygen; and 

(8) Location and operation of fire ex-


(b) Before each takeoff, the pilot in 

command shall ensure that each person 
who may need the assistance of an-
other person to move expeditiously to 
an exit if an emergency occurs and 

that person’s attendant, if any, has re-
ceived a briefing as to the procedures 
to be followed if an evacuation occurs. 
This paragraph does not apply to a per-
son who has been given a briefing be-
fore a previous leg of a flight in the 
same airplane. 

(c) The oral briefing required by 

paragraph (a) of this section shall be 
given by the pilot in command or a 
member of the crew. It shall be supple-
mented by printed cards for the use of 
each passenger containing— 

(1) A diagram and method of oper-

ating the emergency exits; and 

(2) Other instructions necessary for 

the use of emergency equipment on 
board the airplane. 

Each card used under this paragraph 
must be carried in the airplane in loca-
tions convenient for the use of each 
passenger and must contain informa-
tion that is appropriate to the airplane 
on which it is to be used. 

(d) The certificate holder shall de-

scribe in its manual the procedure to 
be followed in the briefing required by 
paragraph (a) of this section. 

(e) If the airplane does not proceed 

directly over water after takeoff, no 
part of the briefing required by para-
graph (a)(6) of this section has to be 
given before takeoff but the briefing 
required by paragraph (a)(6) must be 
given before reaching the overwater 
part of the flight. 

[Doc. No. 19779, 45 FR 67235, Oct. 9, 1980, as 
amended by Amdt. 125–17, 57 FR 42675, Sept. 
15, 1992] 

§ 125.328

Prohibition on crew inter-


No person may assault, threaten, in-

timidate, or interfere with a crew-
member in the performance of the 
crewmember’s duties aboard an air-
craft being operated under this part. 

[Doc. No. FAA–1998–4954, 64 FR 1080, Jan. 7, 

§ 125.329

Minimum altitudes for use of 


(a)  Definitions.  For purpose of this 


(1) Altitudes for takeoff/initial climb 

and go-around/missed approach are de-
fined as above the airport elevation. 

(2) Altitudes for enroute operations 

are defined as above terrain elevation. 

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