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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 121.1003 

§ 121.1003

Hazardous materials train-

ing: General. 

(a) Each certificate holder must es-

tablish and implement a hazardous ma-
terials training program that: 

(1) Satisfies the requirements of Ap-

pendix O of this part; 

(2) Ensures that each person per-

forming or directly supervising any of 
the job functions specified in 
§ 121.1001(a) is trained to comply with 
all applicable parts of 49 CFR parts 171 
through 180 and the requirements of 
this subpart; and 

(3) Enables the trained person to rec-

ognize items that contain, or may con-
tain, hazardous materials regulated by 
49 CFR parts 171 through 180. 

(b) Each certificate holder must pro-

vide initial hazardous materials train-
ing and recurrent hazardous materials 
training to each crewmember and per-
son performing or directly supervising 
any of the job functions specified in 
§ 121.1001(a). 

(c) Each certificate holder’s haz-

ardous materials training program 
must be approved by the FAA prior to 

§ 121.1005

Hazardous materials train-

ing required. 

(a)  Training requirement. Except as 

provided in paragraphs (b), (c) and (f) of 
this section, no certificate holder may 
use any crewmember orperson to per-
form any of the job functions or direct 
supervisory responsibilities, and no 
person may perform any of the job 
functions or direct supervisory respon-
sibilities, specified in § 121.1001(a) un-
less that person has satisfactorily com-
pleted the certificate holder’s FAA-ap-
proved initial or recurrent hazardous 
materials training program within the 
past 24 months. 

(b) New hire or new job function. A per-

son who is a new hire and has not yet 
satisfactorily completed the required 
initial hazardous materials training, or 
a person who is changing job functions 
and has not received initial or recur-
rent training for a job function involv-
ing storage incidental to transport, or 
loading of items for transport on an 
aircraft, may perform those job func-
tions for not more than 30 days from 
the date of hire or a change in job func-
tion, if the person is under the direct 

visual supervision of a person who is 
authorized by the certificate holder to 
supervise that person and who has suc-
cessfully completed the certificate 
holder’s FAA-approved initial or recur-
rent training program within the past 
24 months. 

(c) Persons who work for more than one 

certificate holder. A certificate holder 
that uses or assigns a person to per-
form or directly supervise a job func-
tion specified in § 121.1001(a), when that 
person also performs or directly super-
vises the same job function for another 
certificate holder, need only train that 
person in its own policies and proce-
dures regarding those job functions, if 
all of the following are met: 

(1) The certificate holder using this 

exception receives written verification 
from the person designated to hold the 
training records representing the other 
certificate holder that the person has 
satisfactorily completed hazardous ma-
terials training for the specific job 
function under the other certificate 
holder’s FAA approved hazardous ma-
terial training program under Appen-
dix O of this part; and 

(2) The certificate holder who trained 

the person has the same operations 
specifications regarding the accept-
ance, handling, and transport of haz-
ardous materials as the certificate 
holder using this exception. 


Recurrent hazardous materials 

training—Completion date. A person who 
satisfactorily completes recurrent haz-
ardous materials training in the cal-
endar month before, or the calendar 
month after, the month in which the 
recurrent training is due, is considered 
to have taken that training during the 
month in which it is due. If the person 
completes this training earlier than 
the month before it is due, the month 
of the completion date becomes his or 
her new anniversary month. 

(e) Repair stations. A certificate hold-

er must ensure that each repair station 
performing work for, or on the certifi-
cate holder’s behalf is notified in writ-
ing of the certificate holder’s policies 
and operations specification authoriza-
tion permitting or prohibition against 
the acceptance, rejection, handling, 
storage incidental to transport, and 
transportation of hazardous materials, 

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