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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 65.67 

health codes. In addition, the training 
facility must be so located that the 
students in that facility are not dis-
tracted by the instruction conducted in 
other rooms. 

§ 65.67

Aircraft dispatcher certifi-

cation courses: Personnel. 

(a) Each applicant for an aircraft dis-

patcher certification course must meet 
the following personnel requirements: 

(1) Each applicant must have ade-

quate personnel, including one instruc-
tor who holds an aircraft dispatcher 
certificate and is available to coordi-
nate all training course instruction. 

(2) Each applicant must not exceed a 

ratio of 25 students for one instructor. 

(b) The instructor who teaches the 

practical dispatch applications area of 
the appendix A course must hold an 
aircraft dispatchers certificate 

§ 65.70

Aircraft dispatcher certifi-

cation courses: Records. 

(a) The operator of an aircraft dis-

patcher course must maintain a record 
for each student, including a chrono-
logical log of all instructors, subjects 
covered, and course examinations and 
results. The record must be retained 
for at least 3 years after graduation. 
The course operator also must prepare, 
for its records, and transmit to the Ad-
ministrator not later than January 31 
of each year, a report containing the 
following information for the previous 

(1) The names of all students who 

graduated, together with the results of 
their aircraft dispatcher certification 

(2) The names of all the students who 

failed or withdrew, together with the 
results of their aircraft dispatcher cer-
tification courses or the reasons for 
their withdrawal. 

(b) Each student who successfully 

completes the approved aircraft dis-
patcher certification course must be 
given a written statement of gradua-
tion, which is valid for 90 days. After 90 
days, the course operator may revali-
date the graduation certificate for an 
additional 90 days if the course oper-
ator determines that the student re-
mains proficient in the subject areas 
listed in appendix A of this part. 

Subpart D—Mechanics 

§ 65.71

Eligibility requirements: Gen-


(a) To be eligible for a mechanic cer-

tificate and associated ratings, a per-
son must— 

(1) Be at least 18 years of age; 
(2) Be able to read, write, speak, and 

understand the English language, or in 
the case of an applicant who does not 
meet this requirement and who is em-
ployed outside of the United States by 
a U.S. air carrier, have his certificate 
endorsed ‘‘Valid only outside the 
United States’’; 

(3) Have passed all of the prescribed 

tests within a period of 24 months; and 

(4) Comply with the sections of this 

subpart that apply to the rating he 

(b) A certificated mechanic who ap-

plies for an additional rating must 
meet the requirements of § 65.77 and, 
within a period of 24 months, pass the 
tests prescribed by §§ 65.75 and 65.79 for 
the additional rating sought. 

[Doc. No. 1179, 27 FR 7973, Aug. 10, 1962, as 
amended by Amdt. 65–6, 31 FR 5950, Apr. 19, 

§ 65.73


(a) The following ratings are issued 

under this subpart: 

(1) Airframe. 
(2) Powerplant. 
(b) A mechanic certificate with an 

aircraft or aircraft engine rating, or 
both, that was issued before, and was 
valid on, June 15, 1952, is equal to a me-
chanic certificate with an airframe or 
powerplant rating, or both, as the case 
may be, and may be exchanged for such 
a corresponding certificate and rating 
or ratings. 

§ 65.75

Knowledge requirements. 

(a) Each applicant for a mechanic 

certificate or rating must, after meet-
ing the applicable experience require-
ments of § 65.77, pass a written test cov-
ering the construction and mainte-
nance of aircraft appropriate to the 
rating he seeks, the regulations in this 
subpart, and the applicable provisions 
of parts 43 and 91 of this chapter. The 
basic principles covering the installa-
tion and maintenance of propellers are 
included in the powerplant test. 

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