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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 61.67 

(2) 75 hours of instrument time under 

actual or simulated instrument condi-
tions that may include not more 

(i) A combination of 25 hours of simu-

lated instrument flight time in a flight 
simulator or flight training device; or 

(ii) 40 hours of simulated instrument 

flight time if accomplished in an ap-
proved course conducted by an appro-
priately rated training center certifi-
cated under part 142 of this chapter. 

(3) 250 hours of cross-country flight 

time as pilot in command. 

(c)  Practical test requirements. (1) A 

practical test must be passed by a per-
son who applies for— 

(i) Issuance or renewal of a Category 

II pilot authorization; and 

(ii) The addition of another type air-

craft to the applicant’s Category II 
pilot authorization. 

(2) To be eligible for the practical 

test for an authorization under this 
section, an applicant must— 

(i) Meet the requirements of para-

graphs (a) and (b) of this section; and 

(ii) If the applicant has not passed a 

practical test for this authorization 
during the 12 calendar months pre-
ceding the month of the test, then that 
person must— 

(A) Meet the requirements of 

§ 61.57(c); and 

(B) Have performed at least six ILS 

approaches during the 6 calendar 
months preceding the month of the 
test, of which at least three of the ap-
proaches must have been conducted 
without the use of an approach coupler. 

(3) The approaches specified in para-

graph (c)(2)(ii)(B) of this section— 

(i) Must be conducted under actual or 

simulated instrument flight condi-

(ii) Must be conducted to the decision 

height for the ILS approach in the type 
aircraft in which the practical test is 
to be conducted; 

(iii) Need not be conducted to the de-

cision height authorized for Category 
II operations; 

(iv) Must be conducted to the deci-

sion height authorized for Category II 
operations only if conducted in a flight 
simulator or flight training device; and 

(v) Must be accomplished in an air-

craft of the same category and class, 
and type, as applicable, as the aircraft 

in which the practical test is to be con-
ducted or in a flight simulator that— 

(A) Represents an aircraft of the 

same category and class, and type, as 
applicable, as the aircraft in which the 
authorization is sought; and 

(B) Is used in accordance with an ap-

proved course conducted by a training 
center certificated under part 142 of 
this chapter. 

(4) The flight time acquired in meet-

ing the requirements of paragraph 
(c)(2)(ii)(B) of this section may be used 
to meet the requirements of paragraph 
(c)(2)(ii)(A) of this section. 

(d) Practical test procedures. The prac-

tical test consists of an oral increment 
and a flight increment. 

(1)  Oral increment. In the oral incre-

ment of the practical test an applicant 
must demonstrate knowledge of the 

(i) Required landing distance; 
(ii) Recognition of the decision 


(iii) Missed approach procedures and 

techniques using computed or fixed at-
titude guidance displays; 

(iv) Use and limitations of RVR; 
(v) Use of visual clues, their avail-

ability or limitations, and altitude at 
which they are normally discernible at 
reduced RVR readings; 

(vi) Procedures and techniques re-

lated to transition from nonvisual to 
visual flight during a final approach 
under reduced RVR; 

(vii) Effects of vertical and hori-

zontal windshear; 

(viii) Characteristics and limitations 

of the ILS and runway lighting system; 

(ix) Characteristics and limitations 

of the flight director system, auto ap-
proach coupler (including split axis 
type if equipped), auto throttle system 
(if equipped), and other required Cat-
egory II equipment; 

(x) Assigned duties of the second in 

command during Category II ap-
proaches, unless the aircraft for which 
authorization is sought does not re-
quire a second in command; and 

(xi) Instrument and equipment fail-

ure warning systems. 

(2)  Flight increment. The following re-

quirements apply to the flight incre-
ment of the practical test: 

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