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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 61.191 

§ 61.191

Additional flight instructor 


(a) A person who applies for an addi-

tional flight instructor rating on a 
flight instructor certificate must meet 
the eligibility requirements listed in 
§ 61.183 of this part that apply to the 
flight instructor rating sought. 

(b) A person who applies for an addi-

tional rating on a flight instructor cer-
tificate is not required to pass the 
knowledge test on the areas listed in 
§ 61.185(a)(1) of this part. 

[Doc. No. 25910, 62 FR 16298, Apr. 4, 1997; 
Amdt. 61–103, 62 FR 40907, July 30, 1997] 

§ 61.193

Flight instructor privileges. 

(a) A person who holds a flight in-

structor certificate is authorized with-
in the limitations of that person’s 
flight instructor certificate and ratings 
to train and issue endorsements that 
are required for: 

(1) A student pilot certificate; 
(2) A pilot certificate; 
(3) A flight instructor certificate; 
(4) A ground instructor certificate; 
(5) An aircraft rating; 
(6) An instrument rating; 
(7) A flight review, operating privi-

lege, or recency of experience require-
ment of this part; 

(8) A practical test; and 
(9) A knowledge test. 
(b) A person who holds a flight in-

structor certificate is authorized, in a 
form and manner acceptable to the Ad-
ministrator, to: 

(1) Accept an application for a stu-

dent pilot certificate or, for an appli-
cant who holds a pilot certificate 
(other than a student pilot certificate) 
issued under part 61 of this chapter and 
meets the flight review requirements 
specified in § 61.56, a remote pilot cer-
tificate with a small UAS rating; 

(2) Verify the identity of the appli-

cant; and 

(3) Verify that an applicant for a stu-

dent pilot certificate meets the eligi-
bility requirements in § 61.83 or an ap-
plicant for a remote pilot certificate 
with a small UAS rating meets the eli-

gibility requirements in § 107.61 of this 

[Docket FAA–2010–1127, Amdt. 61–135, 81 FR 
1306, Jan. 12, 2016, as amended by Docket 
FAA–2015–0150, Amdt. 61–137, 81 FR 42208, 
June 28, 2016] 

§ 61.195

Flight instructor limitations 

and qualifications. 

A person who holds a flight instruc-

tor certificate is subject to the fol-
lowing limitations: 

(a)  Hours of training. In any 24-con-

secutive-hour period, a flight instruc-
tor may not conduct more than 8 hours 
of flight training. 

(b)  Aircraft Ratings. A flight instruc-

tor may not conduct flight training in 
any aircraft for which the flight in-
structor does not hold: 

(1) A pilot certificate and flight in-

structor certificate with the applicable 
category and class rating; and 

(2) If appropriate, a type rating. 
(c)  Instrument Rating. A flight in-

structor who provides instrument 
training for the issuance of an instru-
ment rating, a type rating not limited 
to VFR, or the instrument training re-
quired for commercial pilot and airline 
transport pilot certificates must hold 
an instrument rating on his or her 
pilot certificate and flight instructor 
certificate that is appropriate to the 
category and class of aircraft used for 
the training provided. 

(d)  Limitations on endorsements. 

flight instructor may not endorse a: 

(1) Student pilot’s logbook for solo 

flight privileges, unless that flight in-
structor has— 

(i) Given that student the flight 

training required for solo flight privi-
leges required by this part; and 

(ii) Determined that the student is 

prepared to conduct the flight safely 
under known circumstances, subject to 
any limitations listed in the student’s 
logbook that the instructor considers 
necessary for the safety of the flight. 

(2) Student pilot’s logbook for a solo 

cross-country flight, unless that flight 
instructor has determined the stu-
dent’s flight preparation, planning, 
equipment, and proposed procedures 
are adequate for the proposed flight 
under the existing conditions and with-
in any limitations listed in the logbook 

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